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Update // finals, appreciation, thoughts

December 2, 2015

Buona sera WordPress,

Before I begin reminiscing the unforgettable memories I’ve made within the past two weeks, I thought I would document thoughts I’ve had in the past two days.

I honestly feel like I’m running up against a descending escalator because I’m paralyzed with the realization that finals week is approaching fast and I’m neither ready for the tests nor reality back home.

We’ve started the “applause for your professor on his / her last lecture” and I clapped for two professors today.

Although all my Professors have been impressive / incredibly kind, My Corporate Finance Professor exceeded expectations Bylightyears. My German Oxford graduate professor was incredibly clear, professional, and his passion as a professor seeped through his lectures. He was gone last week to present his research he received an award for in Hong Kong and Singapore. He treated our entire class to coffee after class (How dandy!) I wish I went to a business school now. ahaha.

He believes Globalization is happening and happening fast. I agree. Coming from an assortment of countries is no longer as ” special ” as Continue reading

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London // in a nutshell

December 24-December 29

Dear WordPress,

There is this blatant stereotype that London is a gloomy city with mediocre food.

I was proven wrong. Even though I arrived at King’s Cross station where the famous Harry Potter’s Station was, I did not have the energy to search for it so I headed to the hostel right away. My London excursion was taken slowly because Tim and I were both sick children who were too travelled out for anything extreme.

The Korean traveller + a Wash University St. Louis Grad student were my hostel-mates.

Since public transportation / everything is closed in London on Christmas, Tim and his family welcomed me to their home. I have many thanks to Tim and his family for this last portion of my climax trip. He helped me save tons of pounds while still enjoying myself(LOL).

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Belgium // in a nutshell

December 21-24, 2015

Dear WordPress,

The most unlikely event occurred on this trip. I HUNG OUT WITH BILLY FROM UCSD JSA. what what!?

So it went like this:
I posted an instagram picture in Amsterdam and he messaged me if I was staying.
“Oh I’m leaving on Monday to Brussels though”

So we met up! He was visiting his childhood friend that currently lives in England and travelling to Belgium/Netherlands together!

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Amsterdam // in a nutshell

December 19-21, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Delayed blog posts become more of a summary than a reflection, but tis alright.

I left all my luggage at Filippo’s place on the Thursday before leaving (day before Fontanella, Finals, Dinner, etc), and I didn’t notice I didn’t pack so much into my big suitcase. I had SO much to squeeze into my tiny duffle bag + backpack. A panic attack later, I was able to leave some things in Tim’s room for him to take to London and then back to Milan later. (THANK YOU TIM)

A flight later, we met up with Amanda, Rebecca, Cameron, and Kunal! REUNITED!

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Testing // End of Bocconi

December 19, 2015

Dear WordPress,

I’m in the comfort of my home in Daly City and I find that it’s difficult to look back at EVERYTHING after this long hiatus, but here I go.

After that pickpocketing incident, I fell right into Bocconi University’s two week finals.

My exams were on Friday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Cafe after cafe, school after school, I literally sat on my butt reviewing all my material day in and day out. The pro-side of this spread-out schedule was the amount of time I had for reviewing material, but the con-side was that I was almost the last one done.

Testing has never been fun.

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Victim // pickpocket, metro

December 4, 2015

Good evening WordPress,

My “espresso and gelato wasted” caption accurately depicts my current status.  I’ve been cafe hopping and sitting for hours scrolling through my online textbooks and practice assignments. BRAIN, PLEASE JUST INPUT THIS INFORMATION INTO MY HEAD.

Before all the studying that has been done (or not done), another “stupid seira” moment had to come across my study abroad ventures.

Yes, as the caption states, I got robbed DANG IT.

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Marrakech // Souks, mint tea, and night skies

November 13, 2015

Dear WordPress,

I have officially set foot onto my fourth continent, Africa.

Right at the left corner of Africa sits Morocco, a beautiful country affluent with character. My convincing friends influenced me into buying this cheap round trip Ryanair ticket to Marrakech (15 euros each way).  After several weekends of globetrotting Europe, Morocco was indeed one valuable weekend experience.

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Copenhagen // Best Brunch, Rosenborg Castle, the Little Mermaid

November 10, 2015

Hello WordPress,

Amanda and Stef left to make it back in time for their Monday class. Rebecca, Tim, and I enjoyed the sunshine Copenhagen spared us for our last day.

The wind blew the clouds away (along with us).

Brunch @ Paludan Bogcafe

Our intent on ‘splurging’ for one meal didn’t happen.The supposed splurge budget we saved for brunch ended up being under 100 DKK (All our meals were under 100 DKK, impressive yah? Fully enjoyed + budgeted trip)

The egg, bacon, muesli, pancake, fruits, toast, smoked salmon, melon with prosciutto, blueberry smoothie, and cheese was screaming quality at us. This plate let us enjoy every breakfast dish we were craving back in Milan.

The freshness of each ingredient had Tim, Rebecca, and I raving. The ambience of antique books and cushioned seats perfected the moment.

My mood was boosted by 1000% after being able to talk to Taiga on facebook call for about five minutes (what am I being turned into, a needy girlfriend? lol).


My first airbnb! After Christina’s mishap in Milan (macbook air stolen), I felt cautious and a bit skeptical about it all.

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Copenhagen // Amanda’s friend, boat ride, Nyhavn

November 9, 2015

Hej wordpress,

Rebecca pronounces “hej” with the ‘j” sound instead of just saying “hi” ahahaha.

We bundled up and left our first airbnb to meet Amanda’s high school friend! She went to the same international high school in Shenzhen (China) with Amanda!

Anna (Danish) and Særún (Icelandic) hung out with us for the whole day! She walked us around her favorite local eats + tourist attractions and I felt like we had a slight taste of the student life in Copenhagen.

DID YOU KNOW: Copenhagen is more culturally diverse/liberal compared to other cities in Denmark? They have that “Green Lights District” where Marijuana is freely sold (no photos inside the area though).

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