The Feels


Good morning WordPress,

It’s surreal. It’s T-minus 1 week until my venture to Milan begins. Summer was a flash: I can still feel the heat of embarrassment from when Patricia, my leader, pointed out my electric blue nail polish on the first day of my eight week summer internship. Ten weeks can really fly by when you’re constantly up and about. I think it’s because my internship at the Assemblymember’s office kept me both occupied and distracted.

I have been slowly skimming through orientation notes, playing Italian language games, peeking through class courses, and meeting deadlines for paperwork.

Here is my image of Pre-Milan/Europe:

I imagine Europe to have stone and cobble streets, have the “aesthetics”, and have beautiful people. I imagine sparkling water with gondolas and singing Italians. I imagine fresh pasta, gelato, and pizza at every corner. I imagine Italian people kissing and holding hands everywhere. I imagine myself being overprotective of my bag just so I can avoid all the pick pocket-ers Europe is infamous for. I imagine myself getting lost and feeling the culture shock in an unsettling environment.

My trip to Italy will consist of fashion, food, wine, and economics.

I will pack my suitcase tomorrow and show you guys ❤

I can’t wait for this venture to begin! I face-timed Amanda and Yesol (apartment mates) for a few minutes and they are wonderful people. Can’t wait to see Amanda and gonna miss Yesol like cray cray! aha.

My goal is to not only get a enjoyable experience (which is one of my top priorities), but also to make this trip contribute to my attempt on becoming independent. Better start packing!


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