The Feels


Dear WordPress,

I am blessed to have such an organized mother, but cursed at the same time because I take advantage of her organization skill and therefore lack these skills.

Everytime I go on a trip, she does the best job of helping me pack.

She gets a list going, we go shopping, and she helps me put it all in!

I got a new herschel backpack and new boots for my journey!IMG_8884

So since Italy has seasons, I will be thrown under scorching heat and have to adjust to freezing snowy weather by the time December rolls around. This will be a first for a California girl like me!

So we packed layers. From shirts to sweaters, everything versatile and adaptable to the heat.

I just hope it’ll be enough/not too cold! I don’t know what to expect so I’ll be the guinea pig for you prospective Italy study abroaders!


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