The Feels

36 more minutes

Good afternoon WordPress,

I am currently in the sky and have 36 more minutes until I arrive at my layover spot in DETROIT, MICHIGAN.

I’ve never been to Detroit so I wish I could go outside to look around but airport security and the time crunch restricts me from doing so. (Tear)

I’ll meet Amanda at the gate and we’ll head to ROME, ITALY. Since we both have no Italian background whatsoever, we have no idea how we’ll get to the hotel.

Don’t worry, I’ll start looking it up on my next airplane ride!!IMG_8943

Delta gave me biscoff cookies and sparkling water! Their monitors are fancy and includes the new Passion Pit album and the Big Bang Theory, but everything else required money. (Dang it!)

I wish airlines would let passengers have access to wi-fi for free. If we did, I wouldn’t have to look for so many distractions. Internet makes time go by so fast. It’s not fair! Aha. The guy next to me bought it and enjoyed his time browsing facebook. (sorry for being a creeper)

What I did (with no wifi):

  • Wrote in the journal my best friend Arisa gave me for my birthday
  • Ate my vanilla madigascar kind bar and drank sparkling water
  • Read the novel, “Flowers for Algernon”
  • Slept

I’m excited to see Amanda yet embarrassed because I look horrible right now. Lol.

I need to pee and this is the struggle of a window seat with an old lady sleeping in the aisle seat. It’s okay. We’re almost there and this flight wasn’t so bad!

Why am I in such a good mood?

It’s because Taiga, my boyfriend, facetimed me a few minutes before my flight to greet me bye! I miss him so much and literally can’t wait till we can see eachother again.

Now there’s about 24 minutes until landing time! See you!




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