Excursions, Italy

Arrived / Rome / Tourism

Dear WordPress,

The amount of awe I am in after taking a whole day walking around this beautiful city is indescribable.
After getting lost numerous times, feeling cheated a million times, and walking thousands of miles, I can say we’ve conquered the main tourist attractions of Rome.

I know for sure that I love Rome’s architecture and homes, but I can’t say that I love the people. I’m pretty sure they have something against tourists or Asians because every person I smiled at did not smile back like the San Franciscans would. They were also not as friendly. I guess tourism is such a big thing in Europe that we’re practically ignored. Oh well.

IMG_9026 IMG_9251

IMG_9008 IMG_9020 IMG_9040 IMG_9071

Other than that, walking around the “vias” were just amazing. I took more than enough videos and pictures to record it all. (Maybe this is why everybody wasn’t nice.. Asian girl with Camera aha)

One of my bucket list items is now checked off (seeing the Collosseum & Trevi Fountain).

I really wish I could speak Italian now. I can’t wait until I can conquer that 2 week Italian Crash Course and be on my way to speaking conversations with the locals. I hope I can at least order in Italian or ask my way around in Italian.

I need to be careful of not forgetting everything and keeping my language skills in tip top condition.

We ate Gelato (Bicotti & Pistachio), Margerita, Rose wine, and Carbonara. ย Indulged all on the first day <3.


I was disappointed when we found out the Carbonara specialty restaurant was closed when we deliberately went to go look for it. We had to waste a metro ticket. (One metro ticket didn’t give us our full 100 minutes. WHAT!?)

The weather was so humid that I constantly dying for water/juice. We bought juice at this one super market and it was thick sweet juice like the ones in Mexico. Italy has many many sweet foods.

As Day 1 comes to a close, I can see myself growing attached to this country once I get the hang of the language. Right now, I can’t say I love this country because I’ve been exposed to so little. Once I can get myself to venture around without constantly being confused, I will be comfortable and ready to enjoy my study abroad trip!

I think I wasted a lot of money today, but since it’s the first day, I don’t mind! I’m happy as long as I am safe and content.

I’m glad I have Amanda, my apartment mate, to enjoy this journey with me! We were exhausted. Ladies, when in Rome, wear comfy shoes!


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