Excursions, Italy

Church sighting, Walking, and Cheese

Dear WordPress,

I’m not sure if it was the jetlag or not, but rolling out of bed was a struggle this morning. Usually, I am up first and ready to start the day and I haven’t had this laziness hit me since my intern days. Β (which wasn’t TOO long ago but still).

Once I finally got out, ate breakfast, and slabbed make up on my face, I checked out and headed towards Amanda’s hotel next door.

We left the hotel together after finding out that we could leave our luggage there for the afternoon and headed towards another stop on the ever-so-evil metro.

I forgot what station it was but it was the one right after Spagna on the A-line. Once we walked up the stairs, we were awe-struck once again. The bubbles, the plaza, the old churches, were just screaming “EUROPE” at us.

I took videos and videos and pictures and pictures again. It’s fun recording moments and compiling them. I still feel like I enjoy the moments too. I’m not going to give in and buy that selfie stick that is the epitome of being a tourist. Just embarrassing. aha.

I still really feel the racism towards Asians when we ask for help or look one way. They’re less willing to help and I got this fact confirmed while skyping Casey, my childhood friend, about this matter. She said it’d be worse in France, which is something I’m not excited for since I understand less French than I do Italian.

We walked down the street and stopped at a random cafe to eat a 5 euro prosciutto and brie baguette with an eggplant spread. It was salty but delicious. I love sandwiches, but I can see myself getting sick of Italian food soon enough. I think my taste buds are acquired for Japanese or Asian cuisine. We’ll see.

Then we walked one train station to the Spain Plaza we were at yesterday.

Then we walked.

Then we walked.

Then we walked.

We walked three train stations over, this time knowing where we were headed with the tourist map on our side. I bought a pair of sunglasses for 5 euros because I could not stand the heat hitting my face any longer. The sun was scorching, the humidity was unbearable, and walking uphill was the last straw. We cooled down in random stores and walked further. We saved 3 euros all together by walking down three metro stops. (We used the metro too many times yesterday).

IMG_9151 IMG_9141 IMG_9108 IMG_9152

Then the last church stop was AMAZING. It was just the most beautiful thing EVER. The ceiling was as tall like 3 stories, the stained glass brought in just enough sunlight to achieve this environment within the church that was so spiritual. I loved this church and was glad we decided to set our foot in. Photos and videos don’t portray its beauty to the extent you would see or feel it in real life.

One fruit vendor sucked me into giving them a euro in exchange for a piece of fresh coconut meat. With the first opportunity to try raw coconut meat, the water running through the coconut pieces, and my desire for something fresh reeled me in. I bought it for one euro and the friendly man said I LOVE YOU to imitate the Americans. The coconut meat was indeed fresh and had a nutty flavor. I have no idea if the skin was edible but I did anyways. (lol)

We were once again burdened with all our heavy luggage and headed to Milan. The bullet train was so comfortable and since Amanda accidentally booked premium seats for us (yay) , we had the luxury of putting our feet up, getting free drinks and snacks, and a comfy seat. The 3 hour ride felt very short as I finished making today’s video, read “Flowers for Algernon”, and wrote in my written journal.

This hotel room in Milan is small, but so comfortable! We need to plan for tomorrow but I’m ready to see what’s in store for us! See you tomorrow Milan!

Love, Seira


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