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Bergamo // town next door

Dear WordPress,

I can no longer be considered an early bird in Italy. I woke up to Amanda’s voice around 9:45am this morning in order to make it to the free hotel breakfast buffet. I’m glad we did because they served WATERMELONS! Juicy pink summer watermelons. In addition, they had all kinds of delicacies from cakes to eggs to croissants to etc.

I enjoyed myself to a morning cappuccino as well. I think there’s something about cappuccinos and me while abroad because that’s all I drank during my trip abroad in Mexico my junior year of high school. This particular cappuccino was the oh-so-famous Illy! Illy coffee is the Four Barrel and Blue Bottle Coffee of Italy! ( From a San Franciscan’s perspective) When did I become such a coffee fanatic?

Afterwards, we planned our trip to Bergamo, a small quiet town about an hour away from Milano Centrale.

We took the M3 Line of the metro from Porta Romana to Milano Centrale, then rode the Trenord Train towards Bergamo, then we struggled to finally find our way to the local busline, A1, towards Citta Alta. This was a REAL struggle since we were no longer in tourist zone where English would be useless. We asked more than five people if we were going in the right direction! What matters is that we found the way right? I think people were a tad kinder today. Maybe its all in the difference between urban and suburban areas.

One Italian cyclist was asking US for directions. HA. Out of all people though. ahaha He was also a visitor from Milan. I tried by showing him my map and when he said thank you, I said “PREGO!” and he was like “Is that an indication to you or to me?”
I was so confused, but I said “TO YOU!” and he laughed and said “THANK YOU!” again and we parted ways. What a nice fellow.

Another nice encounter was when an Italian family walked a little uphill to help us after we stood there puzzled for about 5 minutes just staring at a map. They couldn’t really help us and were speaking a lot of Italian, but their attempt was really nice! (:

This time with a map, we walked around Citta Alta for a few hours, glancing at little stores and walking around the cobble stone steps to look at even more rustic apartments. Italy really has the “Italian” feel and I LOVE IT! We ate five euro paninis again and drank fresh fountain water that was spewing out of the lion statues’ mouths.

IMG_9248 IMG_9253 IMG_9264 IMG_9240 IMG_9210 IMG_9151

We walked in all directions. Up, down, left, and right, we saw it all! Just kidding. We couldn’t see it all with so little time,  but we did reach the plaza where we got to go inside four different unique churches. Today’s churches gave me the most goosebumps. A statue of Jesus hanging in the front,  a painting of a woman with a spear in her chest, carpets of families, decorated skulls inside cabinets, and creepy music gave me spine chills. They were creepy but detailed and so beautiful. It must’ve taken such a long time to build it all.

I keep on looking back at my trip to Mexico from however many years ago and remember how all my group members kept on complaining after visiting numerous churches because it seemed monotonous. I’m glad I’m travelling with Amanda because she doesn’t see it that way. She was more intrigued than I was! I’m glad that we both enjoy appreciating every bit of work put into creating history.

We traced our steps back to make it just in time for the 5:02 pm train to Milan. What a day! We’ve been resting and I’m about ready to knock out!

Peace out Bergamo + Milan. Tomorrow’s Move-in day! WE MIGHT USE UBER! Lol.



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