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Moved in // Culture Shock

Dear WordPress,

We made it! Amanda and I are officially moved into Arcobaleno, the international house of Bocconi University.

The struggle was so real today.

I woke up earlier to skype my boyfriend but I was skype-ditched so I woke up Amanda to make it to the breakfast buffet on the zero-th floor. We had italian eggs, croissants, WATERMELONS again, and everything nice.

I didn’t enjoy that nice cup of cappuccino today though.

New fun fact about Italy (or Europe):

  • They have the option of still water or carbonated water EVERYWHERE!
  • There is no such thing as “tap water” at restaurants, so they charge you every time.
  • There is no need to tip unless they did an EXCELLENT job.

We then checked out and risked our lives (according to my apartment-mate’s cousin) by riding uber to Arcobaleno.
It was about a 20 minutes ride and cost us 12 euros. I’m glad we took Uber because one girl we met told us her taxi ride from the airport to Arcobaleno was 110 euros. (WHAT!?)

We checked in and found out our rooms are extremely close and we didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I mean we’re glad we get to be close together but at the same time are we going to be able to meet a lot of people? Well, we ended up meeting three others from SDSU that lived near us so I guess that wasn’t a problem!

They were all experienced travelers and shared their wonderful stories abroad. I’m so excited to travel now! I need to budget like crazy ahaha.

What was exhausting was what we did with these three. We walked.

We walked.

We walked.

We walked.

My health app on the iphone told us we walked over 16000 steps today. It’s been like this for the past 4 days, but today, I was practically dragging my feet. We were determined to find the supermarket and have a nice lunch in the center of Milan where the famous Duomo was.

Lunch was DELICIOUS. I should’ve taken a photo because that zucchini pasta was just so flavorful and probably the best meal I’ve had in Italy. Thereafter, we were taking the metro everywhere, going from one electronic store to the other, and we were just all over Milan (sort of).

Here is a list of things I bought:

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Liquid soap
  • Wipes, razor
  • Cup, plate, reusable water bottle (necessity)
  • Phone for my sim card (Vodafone)

I wish I brought an unlocked phone so I could just plug in a sim card.

We walked so much just to know that there was a super market near our home. GREAT! (lol)
To make transportation more cost efficient, we purchased a monthly transportation card discounted for students under 26. It is 22 euros per month with a 10 euro start up fee. This will save us so much euros once September rolls around. I wish it could be used all over Italy but unfortunately, it’s only for Milan.

I’m glad we met those three from SDSU because all three of them were positive throughout our near heat stroke experience venturing Milan. They kept on smiling and joking even though they were running on jetlag and one hour of sleep.

I hope to meet more people like them soon! Once we reached home, I spent the rest of the night chilling with Amanda. We ate dinner at a cheap restaurant nearby which was surprisingly tasty. She had a calzone while I ate a “risotto”. The shrimp was just what I needed. Then we ate gelato for the second time in Italy. (We got free wifi at this place so we stayed for a while).

Then we got back and I asked the check-in man how the ethernet cable works and he helped me out! I can finally use internet inside my dorm! YES.

I can also use data on my phone so more YES. I truly am addicted to social media. (Stop me D:)

Then I contacted Taiga, mom, Christina, and all the important people ❀

I showered and unpacked while Amanda was sitting in my room and we were just talking until Stefanie and her cousins arrived after they were venturing Milan. Those two were so sincere and helpful to let us know the basics of Italy. She seemed like she had a good time.

I still have that study abroad anxiety I remember I felt when I went to Mexico. Meeting new people is scary and I wish I could skip this step! Hopefully I’ll find people I can connect with soon! I’m glad Amanda is here to keep me company for now ❀

We talked until 2am and now it’s almost 3am! Time to go to sleeeep! See you later alligator! GOodnight (:


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