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Struggles // Worries

Dear WordPress,

Another day at Bocconi to learn Italian! I’ve met many people but those many people don’t really click. BUT.. I just have to be positive right? It sort of feels like freshman year of college all over again. The parties, the nervous feelings, and introducing myself to everybody.

—- its been a while since I’ve written those last few sentences.

I watched a recently uploaded youtube video from a fashion blogger, Mimi Ikonn, on dealing with negativity. See, I noticed that I was getting worried because I heard some classmates criticizing or gossiping about another student I met yesterday. I felt bad for the person and without realizing, I was afraid of being judged! I literally felt like a high school-er all over again.

So after watching that video, I realized, what was i thinking? So stupid. Everybody’s their own person, and I can be me! I’ll be perfectly fine with close knit friends that I love and won’t worry about anybody else who judges me for being me. Sounds so cliche and cheesy, but it’s really true. Everything I felt wasย SO high school and nobody cares anymore so why should I right? I think I need this reminder every so often because Iย OFTEN care about what others think.

I met really sincere and genuine people that love learning + being honest and I’m excited to be spending the next four months with them.

The errands I have to run are tedious and until I get settled, I think I’ll still have that “uneasy” vibe going through me. WHATEVER! (: It’s all up to me to make the most out of this experience and I won’t feel badly about ANYTHING anymore!

On the journal side of things, I went to the grocery store after class and bought some basic groceries! Fruits (Peach, some new type of European fruit), prosciutto, cheese, bread, lettuce, yogurt, etc (NOTHING UNHEALTHY) Italian is actually really hard to figure out compared to Spanish. We spent the longest time trying to figure out the difference between detergent and softener (THANK GOODNESS GOOGLE TRANSLATE, fabric softener is Ammorbidente by the way. lol)ย I’m glad we’ll have this market nearby. It’ll come in handy in the future to save me from dining out and spending all those precious euros meant for travelling. (why you gotta be so expensive Europe..)

At night, I went out with some girls to Navigli to have a trendy night out at this bar called Ginger Cocktail Bar. I had a basil honey vodka cocktail which was very limey. I think it was pretty strong (but I’m light weight so probably not that strong). It was really awesome to see such a lively nightlife in Italy. Milan isn’t known to be beautiful so I wasn’t THAT impressed with the scenery, but the vibes were all the positive words you could imagine. Everybody seemed so content and buzzed. Even little children were having a good time. Italy just seems like a happy country.

ย ย 
On another note..

I miss talking to people because Italy is smack dab in the middle of Japan and America so it’s hard to find a time to facetime. I found a time today but SOMEBODY was busy skyping someone else. Timing is really hard.

AND… that’s how I feel about today!

Tomorrow’s a full day in Genova. โค


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