Genova // 17 hour day trip

Dear WordPress,

After ending my 7th day in Italy, I can proudly say today was the best. A good balance of people from the West Coast, East Coast, Canada, and England created a perfect vibe for laughter and travel. Genova is a port town 2 hours away from Milano Centrale (Central Milan Train Station). We booked on trenitalia.com for a pair of 9am departure and 9pm return tickets. The total was 33.75 euros so it was a decent price (I suppose).

When we first got off the station, I felt a slight sense of doubt that we’d find anything interesting since it wasn’t the beautiful Italy I’d imagined. With all doubts aside, we walked down the ethnic mini markets down skinny shaded alleyways and found our way to the central port, Port Antico. A panorama description of our view would be that the shopping center containing Eatlaly was on the left, the Mediterranean Sea was at the center, and the Aquarium was on the right.

We skipped the 9 euro for 3 castle entries to go along and ride a 6 euro ferry ride to the next port over, Genova del Mar. Walking around cobble steps, wooden decks, and rocky beaches, we saw it all. We owe a big thank you to the tour guide working in the tour booth near Eataly. She let us know where to kill time before our 2pm boat departure (the castle and church nearby), and the cheap ferry ride itself. This is another lesson for us to actually research before getting worried day of at the site.

 The boat ride was jaw-dropping and gorgeous. Feeling the sea breeze after baking in the sun throughout the morning was the best reward of it all. This was one of two moments I sincerely FELT that I was in Europe and it sunk in my heart that this was actually happening. I am in Italy, Europe.. ITALY..EUROPE! Terrains with semi-colorful rectangular buildings set under Ghibli-esque clouds was something I would imagine framed inside an art gallery. Even if the sun was scorching and I was tanning a few shades darker, it was one of the best moments of today.

The destination is a perfect spot if you’re down to sun bathe/swim in the Mediterranean. However, since we were not down for either, we sat in a cafe and chit chatted away. The sweat and heat was killing us, but like I said in another blog, I feel like travelers are optimistic, especially about traveling. Even if something doesn’t go as planned or isn’t perfect, we keep on trooping on and see the brighter side. The brighter side is always the better side. *wink wink, smile smile

Apart from the boat ride, Tim, our English Vietnamese Chinese friend made me laugh my food out of my mouth during dinner. Embarrassing, but it was just so funny I couldn’t hold it in. I have few moments in my life I remember clearly to go back and literally LOL at. This one has been added to this list. Here is the story:

Tim ordered a pizza and fry combo. His order was apparently forgotten so his pizza was the last one out. When Stefanie, our friend, offered him a fry, he rejected it because he knew his pizza included fries. Guess what comes out. Pizza, with fries as TOPPING. LOLOLOLOLOL. His expression and reaction just made it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny. Ahaha I feel really bad for laughing but..I can’t stop.. (EVEN NOW ahahahaha). It was just like out of a movie or skit or something. AHAHAHHAA. Good times. good times.

We considered going to get a drink near the port for some A’pertivo (you get unlimited appetizers after ordering one drink), but we decided to save that cash and watch the sunset from a closer port. This was the second jaw-dropping moment. Sitting by the port talking to the five friends I traveled to Genova with just really felt like seishun. I forgot the English word for it. SEISHUN is like the perfect word for those few hours. We talked and laughed endlessly. I thought it was amazing because we literally sat there watching the sun set for about 2-3 hours.

We had a climatic end to this day by “almost” missing the train / “almost” losing phone battery that had our proof of purchase photos. We speed walked  a 15 minute walk down the narrow now-dark alleyway with sketchy people back to the train station.

& we got home at around 1 am. Public Transportation. lol.

Italy realizations: 

  • People fend for themselves! (The line to get on the ferry was crazy)
  • They hate tourists (Probably Asians)
  • They cheat the system (Little Italian girls casually jumping past the metro gates)
  • IT’S HOT. (crazy hot)
  • If you order a French Fry Pizza, there will literally be french fries on your pizza. LOL. (Tim fails)
  • Ask tour guides if you’re unsure of where to go.

All in all, today was AWESOME and worth the lack of sleep for tomorrow!


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