Bocconi Life

Monday // Chill day

Dear WordPress,

I get very little sleep here in Milan.

I have tons to do and am starting to realize that my health is being put second in line. I am water deprived, sleep deprived, exposed to way too many UV rays, have split ends on every strand, and have been eating cheese and prosciutto almost every day.

On another note, I have been walking like no other, eating less junk like no other, and continue enjoying meeting new people like no other.

Today was another humid Italian summer day. Italian class for four hours, Permit of Residence session for another hour and a half, grocery store for a membership card and a bulk purchase of six liter water bottles, and then skype/blog/vlog session while finishing laundry.

The Permit of Residence session stressed Stefanie, Amanda, and I out because all the materials necessary quadrupled our to-do list.

I hurried home after being notified that my boyfriend would be available to skype and I finally talked to him face to face! It was a somewhat helpful mood booster. My family was busy busy for me with school and work! I talked to Amanda for a while while doing laundry and talking to her made my night. Good thing I have her here!

I love these wind down days since I feel like this past week has just been a speedy roller coaster. I am burnt out.

Once all the tedious paperwork and payments are over, I will feel a bit more at ease. Till then, GO SEIRA GO! aha RUN SEIRA RUN.


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