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Club Cavalli

Dear WordPress,

Here is a summary of my day:

Language class
Campus tour

Here is a description of my day:

This morning, I rode the twenty three minute tram ride thirty minutes earlier than usual to pay my housing bill. Although our international dorm, Arcobaleno, is a perfect place to meet exchange students worldwide, the commute is always a struggle.  A sigh slips out every time I imagine the MTS bus I’ll be taking to school everyday next quarter.


I think language class passes by both quickly and slowly. It can be a drag but learning another language is also rewarding. I ordered my first Marocchino and also asked how much an item cost in Italian. I’ll be able to show my boyfriend around Italy with these skills!! Just kidding, I doubt two weeks will suffice. (I should study lol).We’re learning how to order food, introduce ourselves, and ask questions.

Today’s lesson ended one hour early and we had the official Bocconi Orientation for 850 students. People-watching was difficult because sitting in the middle makes it look awkward if you turn around to look at people every so often. The conference room was impressive though. It was just like a theater! The chairs were so comfortable that I’m scared that I’ll fall asleep if I end up having a class in there. The last portion of the orientation was meant for dorm residents so 80% of the students left. I didn’t know so many exchange students lived off-campus. THAT’S why I didn’t recognize most of them.

At around 9pm, I went down to mingle with some other arco residents before heading to Just Cavalli, a nice club in Milan. I had no club attire but I just wore some shorts and my white collared shirt. (Oh well) I was semi-anxious at first because I didn’t know what to expect. We went downstairs and started off with some white wine ❤ Apparently wine is extremely cheap in Italy. (Like 2 – 3 euros! ) As more people headed down, I met more and more people. This one girl getting a masters degree in Bocconi was so sweet. We shared similar anxieties regarding long distance relationships and studying abroad.

After drinking a couple of shots, we left to the club. It was around 11pm and I was already glowing (Asian perks..) Everybody was crazy drunk and I felt bad for the people riding the metro at midnight. They must’ve thought “Stupid foreigners” lol. But I was very tipsy already and having fun too! The club was an outdoor garden with cushioned chairs and three main bars. Entry, usually 30 euros, was free for us exchange students. The Mojito was fresh with real mint and the second mysteriously sweet drink Tim ordered for me was weird lol. The dance floor had flashing lights which made Rebecca look like she was moving in a stop motion video.

Then I met many many people and had a great great time ❤ (many many great great greaat! 😀 )

Exhaustion got the best of me because I knocked out once I got home. 9am class tomorrow morning!


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