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UCEAP Orientation // Risotto and Travel Plans

Dear WordPress,

I just wanted to tell you all, studying last night paid off! *fewf. Professor Andreina’s questions actually made sense! LOL. It didn’t seem like the case for the majority of the others though. Learning a language is just a tall hurdle that’s hard to get over.  We don’t get a chance to really practice our language since we’re immersed in such an American/English surrounding. Gotta start using them language skills at restaurants and stores! I’m even considering joining a student org on campus. Or what if I get a language exchange partner!? **Just reassuring myself that I have options ❤

Four hours later, all UC students trekked together towards a local osteria.

red wine, white wine, risotto, pasta, medium rare rosemary steak, macedonia (mixed fruit)

 The menu listed above stuffed our stomachs with simultaneous feelings of discomfort and satisfaction. Let me just tell you that it was delicious. It was nice being able to talk with students from UCI, UCSB, UCD, UCR.. and more through a traditional Italian meal. There are about 20 of us and we were all just as excited to go out to see Europe. One guy brought his hiking gear to head to the alps next month!

The following orientation made me nervous about our classes. On a scale from 18-30, we’d have to score a 29-30 to receive an A on our transcript. I hope classes will be manageable and doable. I’m pretty nervous about getting a decent grade. I also hope I won’t be restricted from travelling and having fun since this is our time to really see Europe. Gotta take advantage of it, right?


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