Italy, Milano

THE BEACH // bad day + good evening + funny night

Dear WordPress,

Here is a summary of my day:
Post Office
Navigli (A’pertivo)
The Beach Club

Here is a description of my day:
Daily routines are what keep me sane. Travelling and having my environment constantly changing makes it difficult to create such a routine. So when I finally felt myself settling down and back to my early morning schedule (sort of), I convinced myself to RUN.(What also motivated me was my UCSD friend Stefanie and another study abroad student expressing their gymless struggles). My secret to being able to run in the morning is that morning shower and full commitment the night before by wearing running clothes and placing my running shoes where I will spot them when I wake up. I joined the healthy old ladies/men around the park. After the 25 minute run and 15 minute shower, I speeded to class!  


Post Office:
Of course Stupid Seira would forget her wallet the day we planned to  go to the post office. While Amanda and Stefanie went ahead to line up in the supposed 2-4 hour line, I trammed back to get my wallet. I rushed back and just missed my number.  I also had a mini panic attack when I thought I lost my 16 euro stamp. Following these three mishaps, the post office skipped my new call number by two people because who knows why. The permit of stay struggles. (STRUGGLESSS!) I can’t believe they take another 150 euros for this stuff. Why is a permit of stay so important for semester students?

Another Stupid Seira moment:
Deciding to go to the MALL far down Arcobaleno with Stefanie and Amanda who weren’t going to the Navigli A’pertivo dinner instead of just heading to Navigli. I clearly didn’t approximate the time correctly. After slightly losing direction, I found Tim, Rebecca, and Cameron.

Navigli (A’pertivo):
A’pertivo: A special “happy hour” system in Milan where you pay for one drink to get an all you can eat selection.
The moment I saw Tim, Cameron, and Rebecca, they made my day. Navigli was breathtaking. Even more so than the first time we visited. It was the perfect time of day where the skies were tinted with beautiful shades of sunset colors and the reflection of the water was crystal clear. Another perfect Italian moment. These three waited for me to start eating which was very sweet of them. ^^

This particular bar, Manhattan Naviglihad a full selection from bruschetta, brie cheese, fried rice, fried wings, lasagna, pizza, salad.. EVERYTHING. I ordered a Passion Mix cocktail with vodka and passion fruit. Cocktails are tasty, but I should slow down for the sake of my health. I was glowing my usual glow and I’ve had so much alcohol these past two weeks (Considering my low tolerance). We sat and talked for a few hours (like the Italians do), which was followed by a stroll beside Navigli Canal. Everybody was walking around and I purchased two old-school post cards from the bookstore. We ran across an outdoor market with an array of expensive high quality deli and wine. (We’re coming back for you!)

The Club (The Beach):
Part two of the night was funny. LOL. It was definitely another interesting experience. We went to the BEACH, a club far from Arcobaleno.

This is a very high-end, classy, and beautiful club. Another underdressed night for us.

With another 10 euro for 2 drinks deal, I got the Pina Colada and Tequila Sunrise. The bartender put so much alcohol when I saw him make it. (AH alcohol). Another round of super asian glowww! Woo! aha.

I’m glad my friends have my back because some guy just grabbed me and put his face SUPER close to mine. (scary scary) Other than that, I think I like the vibe of a club/bar! Social hour, right?

It’s the best when the people you’re around is friendly and up to talk with you. The commute struggle was real when we found out out tram stopped. We used a bus (thank goodness).

Got back at 3am and knocked out again ❤ Good morning aha.


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