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Acquario Civico Milano // Best Gelato in Milano

September 6, 2015 Sunday

Dear WordPress,


I’ve just tasted the best gelato in town, Cioccolatilaliani! I’ve only tried gelato a couple of times so my words aren’t as credible as a gelato connoisseur’s, but this one will definitely stay within my top five. I am a sucker for rose-flavored sweets: macarons, milk tea, gelato, cookies, cake, and wine (a little different aha). This particular place had just that. Rose Ciocollato flavor!! AHHHHHHH. Some may judge my reaction to be a bit over-the-top, but SERIOUSLY. They put white/milk/dark chocolate in your cone then topped a generous amount of your flavor for 2.5 euros!

An average gelato costs around 2 euros, with 1.5 being cheap and 3 being pretty pricey. This lived up to its cost. Creamy and fragrant, bits of a white chocolate bar mixed in for texture, and a waffle cookie as our “spoon”. (Is that descriptive enough? ;D ahahhaa) This gelateria is near LUSH, Terranova, and the affordable shopping street near Duomo.

Buono. Just BUONO.


Acquario Civico Milano
After a nice 3 mile run, warm shower (finally), skype with Christina, and a big burger near Navigli called Trita, we went to the AQUARIUM! The burger was a 200 gram juicy deliciousness for 6.5 euro +75 for each topping. DELISH. I tried the poppyseed bun and a grilled eggplant! I’ve never had a burger like this before ❤

 Milan allows free admission on First Sundays of the month for limited museums and this aquarium was one of them.

It’s the first aquarium in Europe built in 1904. It’s nothing spectacular, but would be a great spot for locals to take their children(hence the flooding amount of families). We felt like locals today ;D

We saw Dory from Nemo, jelly fish, big fish, small fish, sea urchins, anemones, and everything!

Cute. Just CUTE.

I fumble over fashion, style, and clothing all the time(I sometimes wonder why I’m in Milan). I remember in elementary school I told people I wanted to be a fashion designer and how I loved Coco Chanel. HA. Us girlies headed to the affordable street for stores like Bershka and Zara. I wanted to buy everything but willed myself to a few items. Shopping with Rebecca and Amanda was fun because they like to take their time looking around just like I do! I wasn’t making either of them wait.

I bought some clothes and realized I need to buy a thick coat for winter soon. (I’m not ready for winter!!) What do people in Milan wear!?!?!

I also returned to the Lush store to replace the hair mask I couldn’t open. The lady working there opened my impossible-to-open balm without dripping a sweat and gave me a new one. lol. Now I can have lucious Lush hair ❤ aha. Thank you lush lady!


Good night!


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