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Sforza Castle // Best Sandwich in Milan

September 5, 2015 Saturday

Dear WordPress,

//I will date these blogs because I never necessarily write them on that day due to lack of sleep/business/etc. Now I’ll be aware of when it was 10 years from now!

I’ve come to realize that I am very unprepared for this trip. I’m becoming more excited as the days continue as I talk to more and more people, but nervous at the same time because all plans need to be done ASAP.

  1. End of November, plan Taiga’s stay
  2. Let Christina know if she can come visit me around October-ish
  3. Get classes squared away
  4. Plan weekend trips
  5. Plan solo week from December 23-29th

I had no idea that I would travel alone. Unless I find a person I would be able to travel with soon! I haven’t ran into that person yet, and frankly, I’m beginning to think I can do it by myself.

This will be a legitimate life changing experience! I’m leaning towards using hostels, couchsurfing, or some kind of method to end up in London by the end of the trip, and then fly back to Milan to go home! (Sounds good, right?) If Kelly, my friend back home, can do it, so can I! ;D

My Saturday

Thunder woke me up this morning, but as soon as noon rolled around, it was like it never happened. Blue skies, scorching sun, but a cooler afternoon. The “cooler afternoon” was the perfect temperature to stroll around Milan. I haven’t been to the Duomo for a few days so I was amazed AGAIN.  I can never get tired of seeing the Duomo and the square.

Rebecca, our close friend, took us out to this AMAZING street food sandwich truck recommended by the Milan Fashion Tour Guide. Paninos. Delicious. It was a food truck right next to the Sforza Castle of Milan. It’s a 5-10 minute walk from the Duomo.

I’ve always assumed the Duomo, the Last Supper, and fashion was “Milan”, so today I’ve been proved wrong. The castle was BEAUTIFUL with red brick walls and a ginormous clock at the center.

We ate our paninos (Mine was a shrimp, cheese, arugula, and tomato panino) under a shaded tranquil area. The best part about our panino was the toasted bread. This moment was perfect. ;D We cat-viewed wild cats inside what used to be a moat and had golosi (espresso with a frappe) for the first time.

 Spacious gardens inside the castle showed its age from the paint peeling off the walls. Fun fact, this castle was around during the 1400’s. I kept on imagining the Princess and Prince living in the Sforza.

Imagine millions of tourists walking inside your home 600 years later lol.

I skyped my Prince Charming tonight except he’s not so charming. LOL (just keeding, he’s the best).

Good bye 😀


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