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Run Seira Run! // no class on Mondays

September 7, 2015

Ciao WordPress,

I think I’ve found myself the perfect running spot! For the past three days, I’ve tried different areas, all of which were mediocre and unsettling.

Not going to lie, I did feel lethargic and lazy to put on my running shoes. I contemplated and sat on my bed for a good five minutes. It was such a nice day and even though I got plenty of sleep, that plenty of sleep didn’t feel so “plenty”.


I’m glad I got my butt off my bed because I wouldn’t have found this beautiful field hidden right behind our dorm! I ran away from the tram station and the main street as opposed to where I ran the other two days. It reminded me of Gellert Park back in Daly City, my hometown. That’s probably why I found it familiar and comfortable. Another perk was its dirt path. Running on cement for too long just hurts my feet! The dirt cushioned me well ;D hehe.

I ran 3 miles and showered to do a little more Italian studying + researching European possibilities ❤

Today was an extremely uneventful day, but a nice uneventful day. The weather was yet again, PERFECT. Ever since the storm, it has cooled down significantly.

Language class and dinner after that at the kebab place with some of my classmates were pretty quick and delicious as well. The worker spoke Japanese! (woohoo. aha) We discussed more travel plans ❤

I can’t wait for my trip to unfold! I will get the details about my classes tomorrow. (Great. it’ll be a full day! 8:45 am – 8 pm D:)

Buonanotte ❤


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