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Filippo // a reunion at the Mercato Metropolitano

September 8, 2015

Buongiorno WordPress,

Come stai?! Sto bene! Piacere WordPress!!

..Just kidding I didn’t really learn a lot from Italian.

As of Tuesday, I had my first day of “real” classes at Bocconi University. It’s completely different from UCSD courses where class sizes are significantly smaller.

Here are some Italian (European) / Bocconi styles different from UCSD:

  • The grading scale is 18-30
  • You can take a class as “non-attending” , omit the midterm, and have your final count 100%
  • There are multiple testing days .. your last chance to take the final is the following year!
  • Everybody smokes (EVERYBODY)
  • Italians are all models

Me being the irresponsible student, enrolled based on course evaluations submitted by UCEAP students who’ve studied in Bocconi University in the past. I am enrolled in Corporate Finance, International Banking, Financial Institutions and Markets, and Managerial Accounting. I was worried that these classes would be irrelevant to me, but to my satisfaction, every professor in every class stated how relevant it is to us. I guess it’ll be a tool for me to go into the business sector one day! It also can count towards my Economics side of my major (Math-Econ)

Every professor had a pristine set of English skills, thank goodness! It’s just like a UCSD lecture except better because:

  1. It’s over the course of a semester as opposed to the rushed 10 quarter system
  2. Bocconi University is one of THE business/economics/finance school of Europe
  3. I am surrounded by many that are like me! (UCSD is full of premeds & engineers)

Class schedule today was 8:45am – 10:15 am (Managerial Accounting) 2:30pm-4:00pm (Financial Institutions and Market) 4:15pm-5:45pm (International Banking) 6:00pm – 8:00 pm (Italian Crash Course) [SO TIRED]

I met a Swedish girl, a Mexican guy who lived in Germany for the past 5 years, and more Americans (:

Navigli // Filippo // Mercato Metropolitano
I dragged Amanda along with me to Navigli to meet Filippo!!!
Just letting you all know: Amanda + Seira = Worst direction navigators. LOL. We took the tram one way, then back the same way just to end up walking to our destination. LOL. It’s like what, our 5th time there?

Anyways, after arriving late (Sorry Filippo), we talked and walked toward Mercato Metropolitano, a trendy farmer’s market-like area at the butt of Navigli Canal.

It felt surreal! Exactly one year ago, we were in Japan together on a volunteer camp! WHAT WHAT. He was his usual self, back from Cuba, and was kind as ever! I’m excited for the places he wants to show me around. ;D

He treated us to some Piadina (like a quesadilla except and Tortellini! The vibe reminds me of Off the Grid in San Francisco. Italian style food trucks (a fiat version of food trucks in SF..way cooler) and various types of artisanal wine, craft beer, and scrumptious food!! It’s a bit pricey so make sure you’re aware of what you’re paying for when you’re there! If you get some pasta/piadina/pizza, you’re fine! aha. (I think it’s the alcohol and bio-veggies [BIO = organic in italian!!])   

 Good night.



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