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Bocconi Welcome Cocktail // Best Running Spot EVER

September 10, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Who could’ve known that Arcobaleno had some earthy running trails!? Well, that’s what I found this morning when I dragged myself out the door again. I sat on my bed for a good 5 minutes. (I think I said this in my previous blog too). When I come back from a run, I’m glad I pushed myself out there. I have to admit, I like the leisure of being able to sit there and contemplate about running or not. In the end, it is my choice and I DO want to run. Running releases endorphins and stress. That dopamine effect ;D.  It’s not the running I used to do during practice in high school, but it’s more of the jogging I do around nature.

I’ve learned to say “Buongiorno!” “Ciao!”  to the locals jogging or walking their dogs. I still need a tad bit more courage, but it’s progress! It all begins with a hello to make someone’s day!

After Esselunga (Supermarket 5 minutes walk from Arco) with Rebecca, I recopied some notes then headed to class. I have all my classes with this one kid from California and he’s really interesting. He’s always chill. Just chill. lol. Chill and lazy. Chill, lazy, and funny. lol

After 3-4 hours of nonstop Finance, we headed to Bocconi Welcome Cocktail! It was super crowded but one free drink + free A’pertivo again! (Crustless sandwiches, tater tots, pasta, focaccia, quiche tart, etc)

The mojito had brown sugar on the bottom, fresh lime, fresh mint, and some tonic water + the alcohol. Too much alcohoolll! Why is it all free.. aha. We hung out and I was shouting into everybody’s ears in order to have a conversation. My friends and I left to Navigli where I had gelato AGAIN. (I’m gonna gain weight even though I’m running **tear tear**)

I promised myself I won’t eat gelato for another 2 weeks. Let’s see how that goes. (I even stated it on social media. I’ll listen to myself *unless it’s SUPER gourmet)

I was extremely tired by the time I got home (now), but also felt like writing. Talking to the USC girls reminded me of Taiga a lot. AHA. aha. aha. goodnight


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