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Old Fashion Club // A’pertivo for 1 euro

September 9, 2015

Dear WordPress,

I will keep this short and sweet because today was pretty uneventful. We revived ourselves after a relay of classes with tons of food. Endless A’pertivo!

Bocconi University/Erasmus does a great job hosting these daily events at beautiful venues (clubs). We didn’t buy the 2 drinks for 10 euros deal this time because we were cheap-os. Good for our health AND our wallets. *ding ding! double winner ;D


We paid one euro and ate all the A’pertivo they had to offer! Old Fashion Cafe is an extremely fancy, beautiful, and classy club in the middle of Sforza Castle’s park. All the clubs we have been to have had nice couches in dim lit outdoor garden terraces. The food was plentiful for the one euro we spent. (Chocolate cake, pasta, bread, roast beef, meatballs, spinach patties, greek salad, fish sticks, fries, chicken nuggets, pilaf, beans, and a lot more)

Then we walked around the D’uomo area in search for a nice gelato place (I need to slow down on the gelato).

We found one and I got the basil flavor. I love basil flavor! I totally recommend it. I forgot the name of this gelateria, but it’s near the 3 stop which was also near this American burger place. If you want to try it, up to you! ahahha. (I can look it up and tell you if you really want to know where the delicious basil gelato is ;D). I’ve tried basil ice cream at theΒ Ice Cream Bar back in San Francisco and loved it. I love how refreshing it tastes and how it balances out the creamy vanilla base they use.

We got home safe and sound & called it a night ;D


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