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Temporary Blog // Last day of Italian class

September 11, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Gloomy day today, wordpress! I walked out confidently in shorts only to be disappointed with near-rain weather.

Since today is another uneventful day, let me take this moment to bring my thoughts together in this one little post.

After a few weeks in Milan, I can finally say that I’ve settled down. With my permit of stay almost finished and going through a week of my actual classes, I can grasp how the rest of my quarter semester will be. I have been blessed with this group of friends I can sincerely be myself around. Cameron’s constant idioms/jokes, Rebecca’s “realist” and planner attitude, Tim’s qwerky personality, Stefanie’s under-the-surface weirdness, and Amanda’s usual self, we can go anywhere!!!! My mind’s been preoccupied with one thing after another and I just want to push it out. I’m just hoping studies/travels will be the cure!

It sucks that I forgot my watch because I can’t tell time unless I have my phone. Bocconi has no clocks around its campus. I guess Italians don’t keep track of time!
It’s about time I get a new watch since my old one is worn out. (Thank you Cray-tina for dat beautiful watch though) We’ll seeee. I might just wait until I get back to the United States to buy one. (OR MAYBE I CAN SPLURGE FOR ONE IN MILAN… I can’t)

I should be studying for my Italian exam tomorrow, so i’ll write more later later ;D

I didn’t fully get my thoughts together! Maybe next time wordpress! Buonanotte!


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