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Italian Final Test // Tim’s apartment // a new hat <3

September 13, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Buona sera! The Italian Crash course final this afternoon was a breeze! Ms. Andreina worked hard to make our test as easy as possible, thank goodness. I forgot how hard it was to learn a language. It’s such a frustrating but rewarding process. I guess you’d feel it first when you have your first conversation with a local. (Hasn’t happened and don’t think it will)

I ate lunch at the worst Japanese restaurant ever. My first impression of Japanese food in Milan has officially been shot down. It was absolutely terrible. Every aspect terrible. Customer service AND quality was terrible. I should have known an all you can eat sushi place can be no good. It was 12 euros gone down the drain. It was a funny experience in all to know how inaccessible decent asian food is around Milan. The people I ate with were the only things that made up for the horrible quality. First of all, our first round of food came an hour later, other tables received the same orders before we received ours, and they were basically racist towards Asians! (The last one may not be true but it really did seem like it) We spent over two hours sitting there, slowly waiting for food to come out. Well, it IS only my first attempt. Should I give it another chance? ahaha. Maybe somewhere Filippo will take me!

My expectations are too high. ahaha.

The purchase that I made soon after made up for all the resentment I had for that restaurant. I went to Fiodarliso (the mall) with the girlies and bought a wide rim hat! A wave of desire bombarded my purchasing judgments and I went for it! I’ve never felt such an urge to buy a new whole new wardrobe until I started living in Italy! I feel underdressed all the time and feel the need to step it up. Euros euros euros~.

Our original expo @ night plans got cancelled when we decided we were too lazy. That laziness led to the best decision EVER. We decided to head to Tim’s apartment he’ll be moving out of in two days to have a kickback. A cheap 5 euro wine ended up being flavorful, sweet, and easy to drink. (Good decision Rebecca!!) We played card-games and question games. They make me laugh so much that my stomach hurts. Good company and good times! I really felt like this night brought us another level closer.

 Buonanotte mi amici ❀


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