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Inter Milan vs. AC Milan // San Siro Stadium

 September 14, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Right before the weather forecast proved itself right this morning, I squeezed in a 4 mile run.So here comes the Italian rain! It started POURING! The rain apparently lasts throughout fall and it’s the “tsuyu” of Italy! (Tsuyu is the Japanese raining season in June)

I just relaxed in my room while finishing up laundry, looking at notes, and browsing World of Wanderlust’s blog and vlogs. I skyped Taiga for about 30 minutes until I had to head out to head to the game. The nap I took was evil because it made me want to stay in bed for the rest of the night.

One more Italian realization for you all: McDonald’s is the same in Italy and America. There was a lobster sandwich for 10 euros, but why would I pay 10 euros at McDonalds? Lol. It was an expo special edition. McCafe is taken to another level in Italy! Cheesecakes, macarons, and muffins are decorated behind a glass case along with their coffee menu.

After a few tram rides away, (The 15, M3, and M5) San Siro Stadium was right in front of our eyes. It was packed with people and every soccer fanatics’ souls’ were filled with passion. I loved how Tim was super excited about seeing this game because I was just as excited! The fact that they say it’s dangerous is not really true. People wear different colors and respect each other. (I think for the area behind the goalee is another story). There were beautiful decorations before the game started on each side.

 The Inter Milan side was so spirited! That’s where we were standing. We couldn’t get to our seats because somebody else occupied them from us, but it was alright cause we were free to stand and watch too! Fans had a chant that they sang in unison, fire-flame-like things, and huge flags that they waved around. I got to see Honda on the AC Milan side and he almost made a goal ): But didn’t. aha.

Getting back was the worst and the funniest. They let 500 people into the train station at once and have a number on the top of the entrance. After you get through that mess, there is the stuffy sauna-like tram. GROSS! Aha

In total, it took us 2 hours to get home. (1am) It was totally worth it though!

Good times.


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