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Luini // Panzerotti AKA Pizza Donut

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September 14, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Verona trip was cancelled. *TEAR TEAR. Money was wasted. *EVEN MORE TEARS. We really should’ve just gone today because it didn’t even rain!! Sorry I’m just sort of bitter. Money is tight and I feel like it’s slipping away.

Second lesson learned: When I book a train/plane ticket, always be sure that I’m going! Never buy a ticket unless I’m SURE I’m going. This happened for Barcelona + Verona now. Won’t let it happen again!

On a brighter note, I got to sleep in this morning! I woke up at 8:30 am and went to Esselunga to do some grocery shopping. Bread, cheese, turkey! Sandwiches on sandwiches on sandwiches!

I had a lunch date with the usuals at this trendy Panzerotti shop called Luini in a small alley near the Duomo.

Panzerotti:  a deep fried pizza donut.

 Jessica recommended this location a week ago and I’ve been wanting to try it ever since! There were two lines in opposite directions that went out the door! There were both savory and sweet options. I devoured a Spinach and Ricotta Panzerotti near all the other locals + tourists. I think this place had a good mix of both.

This alley had another Cioccoitaliani gelateria, a Japanese teishoku place called Musubi, and a high end department store, Rinascente. I never knew this area existed!
That was pretty much my entire day! I watched Inside Out and When in Rome instead of studying. I felt very lethargic today.

I want to start planning for my other trips in the future. Gotta find out the deets for everything!

Bye WordPress (:


2 thoughts on “Luini // Panzerotti AKA Pizza Donut

  1. Hey Seira! I’ve taken note of some of the places you’ve eaten at. You’re right about this gourmet alley coming off the Piazza del Duomo (called Via Santa Radegonda, just in case you needed to know). With that Cioccolat place on the corner plus Luini’s, both of which are crazy popular with lines, and then Spontini with their one-type pizza around the corner – it’s a real hot-spot (and don’t forget Mcdonald’s there which might be your lifesaver one day, ha ha). I noticed you had a sandwich at the Sforza Castle. There’s another famous panini place there called Politico where all the sandwiches are named after political figures – you could eat and learn about Italian politics at the same time. You mentioned it was hard to find good Asian food. Milanese love Chinese and especially Japanese food, but often the “fusion” variety (and there are a few Indian restaurants that are very popular with the citizens too). Have a look at the interactive map for all of Milan mentioned in the following, and you can see some of those restaurants that people flock to: [ ] P.S. Sorry about the test message earlier.

    • seiiraariies says:

      Hello! Thank you for your detailed review about my blog entries! I will definitely try out that panini place you mentioned! Thank you!

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