Peaches are almonds!? // Long day Tuesdays

September 15, 2015

Dear WordPress,

I wore my new hat to school today! I’m finally blocking my sun damaged cheekbones from those vicious UV rays. Today was actually a pretty warm day considering Milan and the rainy fits it has been having.

Fun Fact: Peaches are in the almond family. I accidentally bit into it this morning and froze. **bite** ….AN ALMOND?! what? aha. I bit into it with suspicion, but yes, it was an almond. I looked it up online and apparently they’re in the same family! Peach almonds have some cancer fighting properties (what doesn’t nowadays lol). Peaches are currently my favorite fruit and finding out about these almond peaches just made me love it even more.

Then my day started.

8:45 am – 6 pm with a four hour gap between 10am and 2:30pm. My first professor is entertaining because he sounds like Gru from Despicable Me. It’s fortunate because I’m actually paying attention in most of my classes.

Lunch was at Minta Japanese cafe near campus. Rebecca’s classmate recommended the Tofu Soba. Their menu is creative and caters to the Italian tongue. It looked fresh and healthy with a basil based sauce and thin tofu strips. I had a bite and it was delicious. I want to find soba so I can make and eat that! Cheap, healthy, and Japanese. I sadly ate the cheap sandwich I made and brought from home. They had Udon with duck, Hiyashi Chuka (I’d try that next time), Sushi, Gyoza, and Matcha Latte. I would’ve never guessed that it was a Japanese cafe.

We walked to the Duomo area to go to Tiger , a store selling miscellaneous goods, to buy yoga mats. If they had a Tiger near SD or SF, I would definitely have gone to buy a lot more things. They’re cute home decor for a reasonable price! I bought a blanket in place for the yoga mat & a stand up mirror.

Class from 2:30pm – 6pm was exhausting and I was up for some delicious food! We ended up eating at the Kebab place near campus. I talked to the owner in Japanese again! KONBANWA ❤ ahaha.

Good day. Good day.


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