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Cinque Terre // Day two

September 19, 2015

Buongiorno WordPress!

Another day in Cinque Terre and this time, we knew what was up ^^. We bought our 12 euro all day train ride + hiking trail access ticket to hike from Monterosso to Vernazza (5th to 4th village) and we were pro-Cinque Terre venturists (lol not really).

Cinque Terre is known for these foods:

  1. Pesto
  2. Seafood
  3. Focaccia
  4. Sciacchetra (Dessert wine)

//There’s probably more, but those are the few that I heard/tasted!

The hostel breakfast was 4 euros with yogurt, cappuccino, focaccia, juice, and nutella toast. Totally ready to seize the day!

 What was funny was that we rode the express train on accident again. (lulz) Twas okay because we were hiking from Monterosso anyways. That two hour hike was definitely a highlight of the trip. I swear I wallowed in its beauty at least a thousand times. The hike was definitely rewarding with the view of Vernazza near the end. The google image picture was right there in front of our eyes.


Once we reached the main village, locals + tourists were going nuts for candy thrown by the bride, groom, and flower-girl up on the balcony after their ceremony! It was NUTS. aha

We walked away and dipped our feet in the clear water of Vernazza (we wish we swam in here). It was the best village out of all five in my opinion! The million dollar view with the 4 euro pesto focaccia from Batti Batti  was heavenly. The bread was so soft and had nice crunch at the edges. Then the Basil Gelato -Mmmm, who can’t miss Gelato in Italy lol. It was creamy and full of deliciousness.


Corniglia was the 3rd village and our last village to venture! It took 365 steps from the train station to reach its center. This village had a different vibe from all the others. The narrow streets gave it a cozy touch. We finally tried the dessert wine, Sciacchetra, at a small bar. The cute man with a nice smile filled our water bottles too. teehee. The wine had a nice aftertaste and reminded me of raisins. It was a nice touch to our experience in Cinque Terre. After gazing at the panoramic view of the mediterranean at the tip of Corniglia, it was time to catch our train home.

 The 30 minute delay – yes, again – to get back to Spezia (the original station) made us feel super RUSHED  in order to catch Abril’s train back home. She luckily made it (THANK GOODNESS). Italians don’t like working that’s why. (Quoting an old lady waiting for the train with us). Then we also attempted to eat a horrible cafe which had hair+aluminum foil+cold lasagna+slow service. LOL. How can a cafe be THIS bad?! It was funny because.. of course, right? This one will go into the book of memories for sure. We got to charge our phones so it was all goood!

We got to talk to some Bocconi Master Exchange students from Germany on our way back. They informed us about the best of Germany. They were so kind. Gotta experience Oktoberfest and Berlin! ;D

That concludes.. CINQUE TERRE ❤


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