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Verona // Juliet, horsemeat, and love.

September 21, 2015

Ciao WordPress,

Seira skipped school because she skimmed and studied on Sunday. (I tried alliterating ahaha)

I actually didn’t skip school though. Luckily, my planner panned itself out so that I have no classes on Mondays and Fridays. I swear I didn’t begin picking classes based on the schedule! Fortunately, Jessica found 7 euro roundtrip bus tickets for a day trip to Verona, the city of love. We met to catch a 6:50am bus to the bus station on the north western side of Milan.

Flix Bus is a low cost bus operator that takes you to various destinations across Europe. I totally recommend this bus because it was clean and had outlets. One complaint was that they claimed they had free wifi, but it had very poor connection so I couldn’t take advantage of it. Also, the short two hour ride could have made it seem more relaxing than if it were a 5 hour ride.

Regardless, we got there on time and started our morning enjoying being lost at the train station and feeling drizzles of rain fall onto our faces.

Jessica and I are positive travelers so we kept on saying “Yeah it’s totally fine!” .. and actually, it was fine! The cloudy, gloomy day made a 180 degree turn for the better. From tripping on our faces, feeling rain drops, losing data, and getting lost, we were able to find a cute plaza, see some breathtaking scenery/architecture, try some authentic Veronese meals and desserts, and have a girl’s day out!

People in Verona were genuinely kinder than people in MIlan as well. I think I’m getting used to speaking Italian to locals! (Somewhat) I bought a watch/locket/necklace for 3 euros and it’s so adorable! One thing added to my to-do list is to find out how to change the time on the locket. (lulz)

I saw Juliet’s house, left my letter to Juliet, and touched her right boob.

Fun fact: If you touch Juliet’s right boob, you are guaranteed to get married! (We’ll see in 10 years) AND, it’s Giulietta, not Juliet


We climbed 368 steps up the torre dei Lamberti (Lamberti’s Tower) to see Verona’s beautiful roofs! I was amazed yet again. Europe, why art thou so beautiful?

 Osteria Giulietta e Romeo (Osteria: Restaurant with cheap, local, and simple Italian food) was our lunch stop off the plaza radar and ate horse & donkey meat.  This was delicious.

Verona is known for these foods:

  1. Braised horse meat with polenta
  2. il semifreddo (from Gelateria Savoia)
  3. Baci Cookies

I didn’t get or try any Baci cookies, but the braised horse meat with polenta & donkey meat pasta was delicious. I’m so glad we found this Osteria because the price wasn’t too expensive either. Our meals were 9 euros for the Donkey pasta and 12 euros for the horse dish. It felt peculiar eating donkey and horse meat, but hey, we’re travelling.. why not!? We shared the two dishes and we were stuffed at the end. The waitress was super sweet and grandma-like.

But even with our stuffed faces, gelato was a must! The semifreddo was almond (mandorla) flavored with two wafers to sandwich them! I didn’t know I was buying a traditional Veronese gelato! Even though it was amazing, I will again claim that I will not eat gelato for a while. (2 week goal again! ahaha)

Doing a day-trip with Jessica made the day even better because she’s such a sweet person and experiencing Verona and talking about everything made the trip 100x better!

Yes, I recommend Verona to you.


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