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Milan Fashion Week // Opening day

September 22, 2015

Ciao WordPress,

Karma got the best of me today. I joined the tripping club when I made the most dramatic fall onto my hands and face during my run this morning. It was pretty funny. I dropped my phone and my earphones fell out of my ear-holes. I have a bruise on my hip + miniature cuts on my fingers. Looking back, a lot of people have tripped in front of me and I laughed like crazy each time (evil Seira).

I squeezed my way past all the Italian smokers just to find out my Management Accounting class was cancelled due to who-knows-what. I don’t understand how other students knew because we got no notification! Peculiar Italian school systems are confusing us clueless Americans. Tsk tsk.

Having no class meant lining up to get Oktoberfest with ESN (The International Student Activity Group) tickets first! We successfully got our spots to go to Munich for Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival in Germany! When else are we going to get to go to this event?! (I’m going for the pretzels LOL.)

Milan Fashion Week
So if you all know me, I’m pretty apathetic about fashion. Actually, I love fashion, but I have no sense of style. But tonight was fun regardless! Rebecca, Cameron, and I went to the heart of Milan and roamed around stores for goodies. Free drinks, chocolate, and bags! It was basically a festival at the shopping district! Most people were nicely dressed (like clubbing dresses / suits) and tourists were there to enjoy the vibes. I said no more gelato YESTERDAY: oops. ahaha

 The older I get, the more I want these brand names/jewelry. After my Europe trip I’ll start saving for a Kate Spade bag 😀 Those are much more affordable than the stores down on Via La Spiga, the high end fashion street.

I was prettty exhausted by midnight. good night though!


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