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Italian Police Station // Permit of Stay // Rain

September 23, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Californian girl Seira does not check the weather forecast
Californian girl Seira decides to wear sandals and a thin flannel to school.
Californian girl Seira forgets her passport picture at home for the Police Station appointment.

My appointment to finalize my “Permit of Stay” paperwork at the Police Station was at 12:05pm today. After my 8:45am class (Corporate Finance), I skipped my Financial Markets and Institutions class to head over to the police station super early with Amanda & Stefanie so they could make their earlier appointment time.

I really dislike the wind+rain combination because that’s when all umbrellas go ham. My 3 euro umbrella (of course) did not survive this storm so I basically bared the rain trusting my immune system to take care of me. I saw a couple of sacrificed umbrella scraps on the street (poor umbrellas).

What added on to this misery was my attempt to find a passport machine nearby so I wouldn’t be sent home/rescheduled. My solution was to tram to the nearest Esselunga (the Safeway, Vons, Ralphs, Lucky’s of Italy) to find a photobooth machine.

So I’ve encountered a few nice Italians, but the real angel, savior, and my MVP was this Italian man working in the Pharmacy department. When I had lost all hope after asking a confused security guard and info desk lady, this Pharmacist let me know that there was a photobooth machine beside the parking lot basement. THANK YOU. GRAZIE MILLEEEE. I literally was about to walk out to find another location.

I headed to the police station 5 minutes early (Thank you Pharmacist x1000)…

1.5 hours later:

My name is called! (Wasn’t my appointment at 12:05pm?) He was apparently playing Clash of Clans while a flood of people were all waiting outside because the computer kept on crashing. (a.ha.ha.)The Italian system is whack yo. Ahahaha. They marked my fingerprints, briefly checked my papers, and told me I was all set. He told others that he would text/notify them in a month to pick up the official “permit of stay”. He didn’t say that to me…..? What? Lol. What? What? What? This is just so confusing.

I’m just glad it’s all over! (If he didn’t say anything, it’s his fault right? Lulz.)

We relieved our hunger pains at this Mexican eatery recommended by Troy, a fellow San Diegan, called MamaStrEATS (near Navigli). We ate this huge Carnitas burrito for 4.5 euros. They had 2 euro tacos, 3 euro nachos, and 4.5 euro burritos. I want to try their frozen margaritas next time! The meat was sweeter than usual and didn’t taste like authentic Mexican food attainable in San Diego, but why compare right? It was delicious.
I copied down notes from the class I missed today and skipped A’pertivo to hide from the rain.

UPDATE: Christina (best friend) bought her tickets to Milan! It’s finally getting real & I can start planning for her visit!!!

What a day.


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