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A trip on the Vespa // Date with Filippo!

September 25, 2015

Ciao WordPress,

Summary of Today:
1. Realization of Oysho (the softest store ever)
2. Class
3. A’pertivo with Filippo
4. A ride on the Vespa around Milan ❤

Details of Today:
The air was crisp as I ran across my usual route behind the dorms this morning. Blue skies caught me off guard when I assumed I’d be waking up to another day of stormy weather. I guess it’s a great way to celebrate the FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN!

Amanda, Rebecca, and I were looking for some Fashion Week events, but ended up having a casual day at the Duomo. We ate a Croque Madam at EATMEANDGO, a cafe down Via Torino (I always find ourselves hanging out on this via/street) and finally spun three times around the bull for secured wealth in the future. (fingers crossed)

 Oysho was another store down Via Torino and the three of us fell in love. It’s a spanish clothing retail store that sells pajamas, socks, underwear, and everything soft. I ended up purchasing rain boots there for my future rainy days.

We’ll be back!

Class was tiring with boyfriend problems and lack of sleep. Fast forwarding the boring classes, I had a much-needed conversation with Amanda for a few minutes until Filippo picked me up in front of Bocconi for an A’pertivo night!

The vespa ride was AWESOME! Italian drivers are crazy so I just trusted his nifty skills and we arrived within 10 minutes.

The location: La Hora Feliz (Like “Happy Hour” in Spanish)
I had a Cocada (a nonalcoholic smoothie-like Coconut drink) and this A’pertivo was full of food! Milan’s A’pertivo is always like a buffet. This one had a variety of meat, pizza, vegetables, and TIRAMISU! Tiramisu made me the happiest girl of all.

He took me to China Town, outside the Last Supper, and Cathedral of San Lorenzo! Riding the vespa was the best part in my opinion.

He enlightened me to Milan! He told me Milan is not a city like London or Venice where you find its beauty by getting lost, but it’s somewhere you have to know where to go to find its true beauty.

After being in Milan for a month, I can see that! I am amazed by the Duomo and the Navigli Canal every time, but there is still a lot more to it. I can’t wait to be an expert to show my best friend Christina and my boyfriend around!

That’s it (: goodnight!


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