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Crazy Oktoberfest // Munich

September 25, 2015

Gutentag WordPress,

I just experienced a historical point in my life everybody! I experienced Oktoberfest in Munich and came back to Milan all within the past two days. How was this possible? ESN, the international student group at Bocconi, organized night buses to Germany so that we could celebrate this festivity at a low cost + short period of time.

Oktoberfest is equivalent (in my opinion) to a county fair with huge beer tents and high quality rides. Basically, county fair x one thousand times the craziness and quality.

Munich was definitely chillier than Milan so a scarf was a must and my furry rain-boots were a double must. I can’t believe winter is right around the corner already. I need more coats + gloves + warm attire. (Bring them over Christinaaaa D: ahaha) I didn’t purchase the 50-70 euro Oktoberfest attire that other people bought. It looked cute, but it wouldn’t have looked good on me anyways :p aha.

The first and only beer tent we went into was impressive. It’s interesting to think they built such sturdy “tents” (more like buildings) for this event. We sat with a few Germans who work at Volkswagen from Hamburg and were sandwiched by two crazy Italian groups. We luckily got a table right away and I slowly drank what I think was 1.5 steins (liters) of beer. AIYA. It too much for me because I felt so sick afterwards. I definitely exceeded my limits, but I’m glad the sickness took a while to sink in because I enjoyed my drunk-ness.

 Some crazy stories I’ve heard:

1. I saw this one first-hand: A man tripped another man, and he fell on his head. The women thought it was no big deal so was pulling him up, only to notice a ton of blood oozing out of his head.
2. I didn’t see this one: A drunk man was trying to walk while carrying his girlfriend only to smash her into a pole
3. People finishing 7 steins of beer… WHAT.  
Food at Oktoberfest was DELICIOUS.
1. Chocolate covered fruit skewers had fresh, sweet fruits
2. Steak sandwich was full of spices and crunch-soft bread
3. Bratwurst was crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside
4. Caramelized nuts were hot out of the machine and so sweet
5. Hot chocolate was chocolatey
6. Pretzels were salty but so soft on the inside (and huge)

Everything smelled DELICIOUS. Ahh I miss the food there already. I wanted to try so much more, but our small group could only buy and eat so much lol

I think what triggered my sickness was either that spinny ride we went on or the advil I took. Either way, I threw up for the first time after drinking. (gross! Sorry for the TMI). My head was spinning + I felt sick. Then I felt better after I let all my toxins out! This was what I meant by “historical moment in my life”. lol I can no longer say I’ve never thrown up drinking. (lulz) So embarrassing, but I’m glad it was at Oktoberfest where I wasn’t the only sick one? (idk ahah)

We concluded the night with the amazing view of Oktoberfest from the top of the ferris wheel. We sat with nice Germans from Munich!

The ride back wasn’t as horrible as the ride there because I was able to sleep on Tim’s shoulder the whole way (LOL thank you Tim)

This concludes Oktoberfest.

Left at 10pm Friday
Arrived at 8am Saturday
Left 10pm Saturday,
Arrived Milan 6am Sunday.



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