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Girolamo // Shopping // Case Study

September 30, 2015

Ciao WordPress,

It’s been a few days wordpress! Yes, when I am not travelling, I am learning. In the midst of learning my financial a-b-cs and trying to get online assignments done + group work finished, I’ve also been able to successfully wind down here in Milan.

I always (always = every time I’m on the tram / at Duomo / in school), ALWAYS cherish the opportunity I’ve been given to study here. Everyday, I like to believe that I’m a local commuting to school. (Teehee)
The campus is a capesize tinier than UCSD which is so peculiar considering I’m used to taking 30 minutes to walk from one lecture hall to another. We only have two buildings with classrooms + a small library. The library is puny compared to UCSD’s famous and somewhat infamous (all nighter infamous) Geisel. Study space is purely impossible to find here because Bocconi students take their studies seriously! Everybody is focused and highlighting the crap out of their books! Italians (Bocconi Students) are models AND studious. I like being in such a studious environment so I really don’t mind. 😀 What I DO mind is the smoke. I really can’t handle/stand it. Culture shock problems….

Three good things:

  1. An interesting update I can give you is that I took a photo with Girolamo, this famous Italian model mostly on Japanese media. He’s known as the “cool old guy” I guess. The dandy shmancy foreign guy in Japan! He models for this men’s magazine called Leon, wrote a few books, and owns a few things. I don’t really know, but it was pretty funny asking to take a picture with him. I stared at him and he stared at me and all I was thinking was:

-Wow, he must be rich with this big group in this cafe at the Galleria near the Duomo / Hey, he looks like that guy on tv… / Hey it’s him! / I think / AMANDA, let me check yo phone / OMG IT’S HIM / SHOULD I SAY HI / SHOULD I ASK TO TAKE A PICTURE / Wait is it him? / I don’t even know / SHOULD I / OKAY I’M GOING –

He told me to sit on his lap but I hesitated aha. (LULZ.)

2. I found my favorite store, Pulls & Bears. I LOVE this store. Their promotional song, #bemorebarrio sung by various  cover artists + Sheppard pulled me in. I dragged Amanda in and we spent a few hours in there. LOL. I bought my winter coat that I’ve been waiting to invest on! I was thinking about investing 70-80 euros, but this was cheaper than what I was looking for + it’s reversible so I can wear it like two jackets! Win-win! 

3. I got free lush shampoo + conditioner samples.

4. I also tried the spotini pizza shop near the Luini Panzerotti (Pizza Donut) shop! It was cheesy and reminded me of an American pizza slice. The bread was thick and scrumptious! One slice was 3.50 euros and it filled me up pretty quickly. Cioccoitaliani was so tempting (but I resisted).

 I skipped out on going to the night Milan Expo with everybody because my throat is forecasting a cough (tears). I REALLY need to go to that, but I also want to feel better for Barcelona + I only got 4 hours of sleep last night.

Sad lyfe. Buonanotte ❤


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