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Bologna // the land of the Bolognese Tagliatelle

October 30, 2015

Buongiorno WordPress,

Back on day trips within Italy ❤ With all the chaos during Christina’s stay and endless and restless testing, it was about time I had a relaxing day trip.

Rebecca, Rayting, and I took the 9:20am (later than all the other trips) to Bologna! The three hour train ride felt longer than usual so I enjoyed reading Flowers for Algernon (Christina finished this book in 2 days while I’m taking forever lol)

Bologna is known for its Bolognese sauce + its FOOOD. That’s exactly what we gorged on. FOOOOOOOOOOOOD ❤

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Milan // Airbnb burglar, Milan Expo 2015

October 26-27, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Milano Expo 2015
Christina ventured off to explore Milan on her own while I crammed for my last midterm after we came back from Munich. Sorry Tina! After marking my last answer, I ran (really, ran) to the Expo to catch up with her!

I gave her my extra ticket I received from Bocconi so she could get a head start and see what the Milan Expo had to offer.

I’ve wanted to go to the Expo ever since stepping foot in Milan and can’t believe I procrastinated from going all this time. I arrived at 7:30pm and could only visit a few expositions due to long lines and a lack of directions, but it was like an amusement park! The venue was ginormous! I mean, they built a special metro station for it right?

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Munich // Neuschwanstein Castle


October 24, 2015

Hello WordPress,

Munich provided us with another magical experience at Neuschwanstein Castle AKA New Swanstone Castle.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Germany, built this beauty in the late 19th century as his vaca-home to escape chaotic Munich.
Ugh. I wish I had a villa like this. I would never leave. It was SO BEAUTIFUL. Its beauty justifies why Sleeping Beauty’s castle was inspired by this castle.

It’s surreal when you first see it on the hills surrounded by the autumn leaves because it’s so high up compared to the location the bus drops you off.

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Munich // St. Paul Church, Hofgarten, Pork Knuckle

October 23, 2015

Hello wordpress,

So, if you know me, you know that I often lead people in the wrong direction. It happened again, but don’t worry, this time it was the good kind of lost (which rarely happens).

I walked towards the tallest closest church and it ended up being 180 degrees away from the center (where we were trying to go). We escaped the drizzles and droplets of rain that were making our clothes damp as we skeptically entered the empty church under construction.

This church, St. Paul’s Church, was not one of the “Top Destinations” on the guidebooks, but I’m sure glad we found it.
Here’s why:

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Munich // Dachau Concentration Camp, BMW Welt, Olympic Park

October 22, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Dachau Concentration Camp

I’ve always wanted to see and visit a concentration camp with my own eyes. I still can’t forget the disgust and sorrow I felt the first time history class exposed me to Hitler and the Nazi regime. How could anybody be so barbarous? How can you hate an entire race? Reading Night by Elie Wiesel and watching Schindler’s List sent shivers up my spine throughout it all. (I recommend them both)

The orange, red, and yellow autumn leaves fluttering down made it even more difficult to imagine what had happened in Dachau Concentration Camp. I couldn’t even start to imagine how a person standing in the same spot less than one hundred years ago felt as s/he had probably feared for his/her life during morning or night roll call. Amanda and I kept on mentioning how Dachau camp had a creepy yet serene feel to it. It was definitely the leaves and the quiet space.

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Midterm Hiatus // Best friend in Europe

October 22, 2015

Gutentag WordPress,

I’ve finally finished dragging my way out of midterms! Testing season never fails to throw me off schedule and make time go by slower.
Bocconi midterm season entails no class for two weeks and optional midterms. Yay to no classes! No to testing. I decided to take all of mine since the scores can only benefit me! (or so they say.) I’ve noticed at some point during my studies, I start feeling like there’s no more point in studying. I suppose it’s me giving up.. (DON’T GIVE UP ME D:lol )

My best friend from back home (San Francisco) came to travel with me during midterm season and I felt horrible for not being able to take her around Milan as much as I would’ve liked to! I picked her up at MXP (Malpensa Airport) on the night I finished my second midterm and she was just shocked that she made it here in one piece. (priceless face)

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Venezia // Sara, paintings, and pasta

October 11, 2015

Dear WordPress,

The last two days were spent under Sara’s roof! Sara is a girl I met through the Hanwa work camp in Japan last year. I can’t believe that our paths are crossing once again. She was so sweet and we have countless memories from last summer. Being a local college student, she lives amongst three girls and one other guy from the same university. Her apartment is on the second floor in the heart of Venice. A majority of the conversations that went on these past two days were a mystery, but I tried to pick up a few words here and there. Living in an “Italian home” must’ve felt as clueless as this. Arcobaleno made the language barrier so hard to break.

DID YOU KNOW: Arcobaleno means rainbow. I’ve been living here for two months and I finally know what my residence hall means in English. I mean, it makes sense yeah? Rainbow = different colors, Different colors = different ethnicities?

If I was living like this for four months, I would’ve definitely pick up Italian a lot faster. I think I got more Italian out of these past two days than the two months I was here. (Which is pretty cool!)

Her cat was the cutest and even made me consider getting a cat. I’m a dog person so this is a first. lol CHE CARINO (How cute) ❤

Sara took me to the Museum Ca’ Rezzonico and Gallerie dell’Academia. Since Sara is an art fanatic herself (her dream is to work at an art auction) , it was a great opportunity for her to shed some light on me. I’m not art’s number one fan, but these museums showed me the details + beauty in paintings. The details that goes into each piece made me really want to touch all the layers but I obediently kept my hands in my pockets.

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