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Barcelona // Empanadas, Tours, and Park Ciutadella

October 4, 2015

Hola Buon Dia WordPress,

DID YOU KNOW: Barcelona is on the verge of an independence movement? It may become its own country called Catalunya. Most people mainly speak Catalan (their language) So 3-years of high school Spanish didn’t save my poor attempt to read signs on the streets.

So how do I know all these “DID YOU KNOWS”? The answer is all thanks to Rayting (my Australian friend travelling Barcelona at the same time + in the same hostel)! She recommended this daily free walking tour hosted by our hostel360! Rebecca ditched us in order to make it to her Monday class. *tear SO Cameron and I decided to participate on this two hour historical/fact-filled free walking tour.

Before 10:40am (the tour) , I had breakfast with Rayting’s travel group of 6 girls. We got breakfast at this fancy place nearby. I had a delicious spanish omelet + some mini cakes. It was a tad pricey. I wouldn’t have gotten those mini cakes if I knew they were 1.1 euro each -___- It was delicious so I decided not to regret it lol. Talking to those girlies was a nice change from talking to Cameron all day… LOL jk Cameron, you’re awesome. aha

 The Two Hour Free Walking Tour:
Thirty of us trekked along the Gotic section of Barcelona.So Barcelona is split into three sections:
1. Raval (Trendy, new, most left-hand side)
(Las Ramblas splits these two sections)
2. Gotic (Gothic, Churches, Historical)
3. Ribera el Born (Park, hostel)

The tour guide focused his tour surrounding three key dates: 1714, 1888, and 1992.

1714: The year the Catalans lost the war
1888: Universal Exposition
1992: Barcelona Olympics

I think he was a pretty good tour guide since I remember these dates & got a gist of Barcelona. (Be ready to tip him at the end because that’s where his “motivation” to guide us comes from)

I definitely recommend one of these “free” tours if you’re in Barcelona! They apparently have a big free walking tour industry and these “free” tour guides actually try because it’s all tip-based! This tour guide was a bit biased about Catalan/Spain though.

Then Cameron and I left that crowd to fulfill our hungry tummies with some empanadas at yet another trendy empanada shop. I had a Carne Picante and Pesto empanada. These two were so delicious. I love how affordable food is here in Barcelona. If you look in the right places, you don’t need to pay so much! This place, La Fabrica, had fresh empanadas coming out the oven and a mini line of people waiting to get their share. La Fabrica was a lucky find for us two (FINALLY LUCK IS ON OUR SIDE). Fresh, crusty, full of filling, HOT, and flavorful. I will be back.

A low key location not on most tour guides, but probably a local spot (not really sure lol), is Park Ciutadella! Pardon my comparison to San Francisco/Milan locations, but this park reminds me of a mesh of the Golden Gate Park in SF and the park behind Sforza Castle in Milan. Friends were chilling having picnics, children were screaming, running, and playing, and old couples were holding hands gazing at the big fountain in the center. This park was super unexpected + beautiful. I would LOVE to run here / hang out here on my free time.

I told this to Cameron, but I really wouldn’t mind living in Barcelona. If I ever get the opportunity in a few years, I will definitely grab it! (Just need to pick up some Catalan skills)

DID YOU KNOW: The Catalan Language is more similar to French than Spanish!

That night, I met Cameron’s friend studying in Barcelona. He was a friendly guy and him and his girlfriend are apparently travelling to a different country every weekend! Pretty cool. Cameron didn’t even know those two became a couple LOL. So I awkwardly asked. LOLOL.

They listened to our (more like my) pickiness and went to go get tapas for our last night. Cameron and I shared Patatas Bravas (traditional Barcelona Tapa), Pepper bruschetta thing, and Chicken wings! This was heaven. The price wasn’t even expensive for dinner! We were satisfied travellers. *tee hee. The patatas bravas sauce was divineeee. omg. I want to replicate that deliciousness.

The Cava wine, the bubbly traditional Spanish champagne, was only 2.50 euros for a glass! Good stuff.

Today was definitely a food day.


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