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Barcelona // Final day, Mercat Boqueria, Castel Montjuic

October 5, 2015

Buenos Dias WordPress,

It was an early last morning in Barcelona. After grabbing some must-have flaky buttery croissants and cafe con leche at Petit Pot near our hostel (perfect croissants by the way), we headed to Castel Montjuic in under-the-weather conditions.

Castel Montjuic is the farthest destination we could possibly have picked, but we just had to go back to see it after taking a glimpse for the Magic Fountain show a few nights back. (Told you I’d come back)


Aching feet and all, I’d have to say that this was another worth-it hike! Since museums are closed on Mondays, it was tourist-free and quite tranquil. We saw the Magic Fountain without its magic charms but we realized how dynamic this fountain really was. It’s huge!

The Mercat Boqueria AKA my favorite location of this whole trip was our next destination. This market was POPPING (as Rebecca would say). This is one tourist spot that lived up to its expectations. OMG the fruit. THE FRUIT EVERYBODY. You HAVE to come here in Barcelona. HAVE TO. It’s cheap, delicious, fresh, and CHEAP (repeat). The juices and strawberries were 1 euro each(SO GOOD), spanish omelet was 2.50 euro for a slice (SO GOOD), and the calamari stick was 3.50 (SO GOOD).

 We got several little snacks for the both of us and it was delicious. I will never forget those flavors. The calamari, the fig, the strawberry, the juices, the spanish omelet… I really want to come back here one day.

Then comes the commute:

Getting back took forever:
Shuttle bus –> Airplane –> bus –> metro –> tram

Cameron and I saved 4 euros by taking the 8-euro bus instead of the 30 min/12 euro express train ride but it took more than an hour. I don’t know which one is worth more. Time or money?

Oh well, I’m home and ready for class tomorrow!

Barcelona, you were truly magnifico. 3 o’clock flight back to Milan! ME ENCANTA BARCELONA ❤


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