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Barcelona // Park Guell, Magic Fountain, Sagrada Familia

October 3, 2015

Buon Dia WordPress,

Barcelona is trendy. Barcelona is young. Barcelona is my future city ❤

This city clearly capped and exceeded my expectations. Us three ecstatic travellers grabbed our crumpled maps and headed out the huge European hostel door ready to conquer Barcelona. We didn’t let the thunder/lightening that was rattling our windows throughout the night tire us (It was the loudest/longest thunderstorm EVER)

We had our longest trek, 33,305 steps, today. WHAT. I’ve never passed 30,000 in a day according to my iphone. My feet were seriously dying by the end of the day. Every step was pain. Ow. Ow. Ow.

In addition, I was not wearing the right shoes. GREAT. lol But.. we saved money on transportation (the main reason we avoided public transit lulz)

Besides the complaints, we got our exercise + we got to see every corner of Barcelona whether we liked it or not.

Rebecca’s itinerary for the day:
1. Sagrada Familia
2. Park Guell
3. Gracia Barrio
4. Las Ramblas (La Rambla)
5.Castell de MontJuic
-Basically, all the tourist sites-

The way we planned our day ( the way I learned how to plan), is to spread out a map, star the locations you want to go on a map, and draw lines so you land your food destinations during the right times! (The starring-your-locations-on-a-map strategy is the crucial point).

I used to be the type to say:
“Let’s fall upon things.” “Let’s just see where the road takes us!” “Let’s just wing it.”
This plan is a head or tails strategy because you can either completely waste your day or stumble upon something nobody else would’ve thought of. But if I’m spending money to go on a trip, I think planning would definitely be a worthy investment of time. (Lesson learned)

Sagrada Familia
This is the must see Basilica designed by Gaudi, one crazy artist. Sagrada familia was huge and so different compared to any European architecture I’ve ever seen.
It’s so new. It’s so colorful. It’s so eccentric! By colorful, I mean there were statues of bundles of fruit on the top of each tower!
It definitely was different from the Sagrada Familia I was expecting. The images I’ve seen are all the projected images that will be what it will look like in 2026. They’ve been working on it for over 200 years. What a masterpiece.

DID YOU KNOW: Sagrada Familia was originally a temple because Gaudi primarily couldn’t get funding/permission to build it.

Park Guell
A few miles north, away from every tourist location, is Park Guell. We avoided the entrance fee and walked around its park. This park provided us with a breathtaking panorama of Barcelona along with more of Gaudi’s creations. His mosaic-art-style is pleasing to the eyes. We didn’t bother to pay the entrance fee so I can’t really tell you all what was inside, but it was pretty small compared to the surrounding park. The surrounding park was definitely worth the trek. Don’t give up and climb to the highest point!! You’ll see where you ventured in Barcelona.

 Gracia Barrio
Trendy trendy! This street reminded me of the Duomo area in Milan. It was a collection of high named brands.
Besides luxury brand stores like Prada, Gucci, and Jimmy Choos, Spain is home to so many fast fashion brands like Zara, OYSHO(The best softest store), PULL&BEAR (my personal favorite), and MANGO. I don’t know if it’s because we walked a lot, but we saw at least 5 identical stores of OYSHO, Pull&Bear, H&M, Zara, and Mango. Another surprise was that Spain has American chain stores like Starbucks + Subway + Urban Outfitters. (cool cool)

Las Ramblas
Number one tourist location: Las Ramblas. This 5 street stretch is full of tourists, tourist targets, targetters, and everything TOURIST. lol. It was pretty interesting walking along it regardless though. It is the Pier 39 of Barcelona. I liked it regardless. It’s how I still like Pier 39 even with all the tourists bombarding it (:. It really made me want to know Barcelona because I know I’m just skimming the surface.

 Castel de Montjuic
We dragged our feet to see the Magic Fountain show in front of the Castle on the western side of Barcelona.
The fail moment: we waited in front of Plaza de Espanya from 8:30pm until 9pm (the time the fountain show started) just to find out it was the wrong fountain. LULZ.
We were watching street vendors trying to sell light-up toys to tourists. One family bought one and the seller was so funny because he frantically ran around to get money/get another toy/ i don’t even know. lol. He seemed to happy after being ignored for the last hour.

The fountain show was beautiful and crowded! We listened to pop songs and briefly saw the show. I think the castle was pretty impressive and we definitely wanted to return (we did on the last day ;D )

OMG the walk home though. I died. lol.


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