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Barcelona // Sangria, Xurros, and BEACH!

October 2, 2015

Hola WordPress,

I have so much to tell you! I just finished my first full weekend flight in Barcelona, Spain. Let me just say that all the walking that was entailed in this trip left me with blisters and sore feet. BUT IT WAS ALL SO WORTH IT.

Pedometer check: (10,000 steps is about 5 miles)
October 2 (Friday): 25,050 steps
October 3 (Saturday): 33,305 steps
October 4 (Sunday): 28,719 steps
October 5 (Monday): 22,070 steps

Rebecca, Cameron, and I, the only three to embark on this weekend trip, took a spanish low-cost-carrier (LCC) airline (Vueling) into Barcelona. A bunch of model-like European guys sitting near me made my first LCC flight experience all the better ( ;D ;D ;D ) ahaha. Then there were a couple of bald guys a few rows ahead of my seat. This coincidence definitely made me lol.


We took Barcelona’s nifty airport shuttle system  to the Catalunya Plaza, the plaza closest to our hostel / closest to every tourist attraction. (Las Ramblas, Beach, Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, etc etc etc)

Our hostel, Hostel360, was cute, communal, and cozy! This hostel was definitely better than our Cinque Terre experience although the idea of sharing a coed room with 11 other strangers was a bit uncomforting. The high-tech locker system under our bunkbeds/a bed light were definitely perks. They hosted communal events like FREE SANGRIA, Pub Crawls, and Paella nights, the lady in the morning provided us with tips and directions in Barcelona, and the night-shift guy was an energetic, unique, and friendly fella.

 We wandered around towards the beach. I’m glad Rebecca loves the beach and took us there before the storm because it had a great vibe to it. The abundance of couples made Rebecca and I miss our significant others. ahaa. But there were also joggers, families, friends, all out and about. I wet my rainboots inside the ocean which was definitely a big MINUS of the trip. Oh well.

DID YOU KNOW: Barcelona’s beaches are artificial and were created to entice visiting tourists during the 1992 Barcelona olympics!?

It was great just soaking Barcelona all in. The weather forecast predicted a storm later that night so we saw lightening further off in the distance. Pretty cool if I may say.

Dinner was at an accidental tourist spot nearby. Delicious regardless! I forgot what the restaurant name was. The sangria they served got me all rosy and feel-good. Another delicious treat we found was in a carnival set near the port. Xurros (Churros)! We got a deal with their cone full of sugar. We missed out on the classis-dip-in-chocolate xurros well-known in Barcelona, but the sugar was decadent enough for us.

DID YOU KNOW: Barcelona has an city-wide wi-fi system so it’s pretty convenient for people who have no data. But it sorta sucks. ahaha

Barcelona caught my heart day one.


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