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Pho // Date with Rayting

October 7, 2015

Buona sera WordPress,

Online homework assignments suck. Why do they exist? I wish I could understand simple things as quickly as some other people can! lol In addition to being a horrible multi-task-er, I also have a very short attention span. This combination makes it harder for me to absorb more information. Help me from dozing off please D:. How do people play games/get distracted yet still understand all the material? I think our brains function on different wavelengths. *tear

On a happier note, Rayting and I finally had our dinner date. We fell upon Chinatown while attempting to head to a highly yelped Vietnamese restaurant.


Chinatown is easily accessible: Ride M2 from Abiattegrasso (closest metro stop from Arcobaleno) and get off at Moscova station, then walk a block down Via Alessandro Volta!

It was a mediocre Vietnamese restaurant but it did its job. Sriracha was deeply missed (I miss Pho back home) I think I’ve been spoiled with good Asian food back in the Bay Area.

We finished off our Asian date with boba and tiramisu at Chateau Dufan. There was Matcha Gelato, Azuki Slushee, etc etc. The worker really liked the fact that I was Japanese and kept on trying to speak to us in Japanese + gave us a free chocolate cake. The Matcha Boba and Tiramisu lived up to par! If you ever have that asian craving, I recommend this spot.

It was also a pleasure getting to talk to Rayting! She’s a good listener / very outgoing / down to earth! I love how out-there she is and she’s so ready to discover the world.



3 thoughts on “Pho // Date with Rayting

  1. Hi again Seira! I noticed you’ve been too busy to post lately; but this piece on your short Chinatown excursion in Milan is another one that I like. I’m happy you began to follow my blog a few weeks earlier. If you ever wanted to further promote your own blog (at least in the eyes of Google), I am thinking of offering a Guest Post proposal to you (you can just make a short-version rehash of one of your previous relevant posts). Contact me at the email address I’ve provided, or at my blog (as I don’t see any page for contacting you privately on your blog), and we can take things from there. Look forward to seeing more of your Milan discoveries!

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