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A little bit of homesick.

October 9, 2015

Dear WordPress,

If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs, you would have probably read that I got free samples from Lush a couple of days ago. Well, I finally took that tiny sample into the shower and lathered Dolce Meta shampoo and American Dream Conditioner (Balsamo in Italian) into my hair this morning! It’s 11:25pm and I still smell the scent in my hair.
They didn’t provide me with enough conditioner for my thick hair so I can’t fully give you an accurate review, but it made my roots softer than before! I guess quality really does matter!

I was a semi-lazy butt today because I went on my morning run (not a lazy butt) , but stayed in the whole day afterwards (mega-lazy butt). I got in touch with my Japanese side by listening to some Goosehouse (amazing youtube group) and my Australian side (just kidding) by listening to Jayseelee (Australian twin cover artists). I’m addicted to #bemorebarrio by Sheppard. 

I also finished reading Corporate Finance and looked for some internship opportunities. I’m hoping to e-mail my past internship coordinator soon to ask for some resume + cover letter + interview help.. (AH) . I still have loads of stuff to do. This third year responsibility is weighing me down and I can’t get this anxiety off my shoulders. I’m definitely not qualified for all these positions on tritonlink.. YET! I got this Seira. I got this. Just stop listening to so much Jayseelee and practice interview questions. Just stop.

I think I have a slight case of FOMO. I miss JSA and everybody in it! Talking to Arisa makes me feel sane ❤ I’ve also been slowly talking to Yusaku (my co-Matsuri Coordinator partner) about recruiting committee heads and such such.

Watch Stephanie’s (our historian) amazing creation!

Here is the homesick slump that I wasn’t expecting! (lulz) I’m definitely not ready to go home / love being in Milan, but I miss my family + friends + easy access to everything. Lisa’s too busy for me *tear

At the same time, being away has helped me see everything from a whole new perspective and oversee how bubbled in I was at uni. Honestly, before coming here, I was dubious of how much I could actually get from this experience because I’ve participated in various international organizations. I mean, I knew I was going to get SOMETHING, but I didn’t know what. It’s not all about travelling to new countries, seeing different cultures, and having fun (which is definitely a big portion of studying abroad and IS super important), but it’s also about changing your environment, peeking your head out into the real world, and finding what you want to do. I’m not entirely sure because I haven’t even gotten through midterms yet, but I’ll update you all. ^^

P.S. Apparently, Apple CEO Tim Cook is a guest speaker at Bocconi’s 2015/16 Opening Ceremony. KEWL. Hopefully I get to hear some of his wisdom!


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