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Venezia // Sara, paintings, and pasta

October 11, 2015

Dear WordPress,

The last two days were spent under Sara’s roof! Sara is a girl I met through the Hanwa work camp in Japan last year. I can’t believe that our paths are crossing once again. She was so sweet and we have countless memories from last summer. Being a local college student, she lives amongst three girls and one other guy from the same university. Her apartment is on the second floor in the heart of Venice. A majority of the conversations that went on these past two days were a mystery, but I tried to pick up a few words here and there. Living in an “Italian home” must’ve felt as clueless as this. Arcobaleno made the language barrier so hard to break.

DID YOU KNOW: Arcobaleno means rainbow. I’ve been living here for two months and I finally know what my residence hall means in English. I mean, it makes sense yeah? Rainbow = different colors, Different colors = different ethnicities?

If I was living like this for four months, I would’ve definitely pick up Italian a lot faster. I think I got more Italian out of these past two days than the two months I was here. (Which is pretty cool!)

Her cat was the cutest and even made me consider getting a cat. I’m a dog person so this is a first. lol CHE CARINO (How cute) ❤

Sara took me to the Museum Ca’ Rezzonico and Gallerie dell’Academia. Since Sara is an art fanatic herself (her dream is to work at an art auction) , it was a great opportunity for her to shed some light on me. I’m not art’s number one fan, but these museums showed me the details + beauty in paintings. The details that goes into each piece made me really want to touch all the layers but I obediently kept my hands in my pockets.

The bride with a veil on her head was so intricate, detailed, and well made.

I also went to go see the golden basilica at Saint Mark’s Square.Everything was gold inside (Like the church I visited in Mexico a few years back). Amazing.

A take-away pasta shop called Bigoi. This place was cheap, Venetian, and tasty. I want to eat it again! I chose the traditional Venetian Squid ink pasta. Mmmm.

1. Venice is known for Squid Ink pasta! (I just told you aha)
2. Bigolli is also a Venetian Pasta, but since Venetians don’t pronouce the “ll”, they omitted it and the store is called Bigoi ❤

 **This place should be your next destination!
** Warning: This will stain your teeth / your clothes!

First we enjoyed some spritz (cocktail with Aperol, White wine, and sparkling water) with fries as appetizer until Sara’s roommate that was taking a trip down to Bologna to visit her boyfriend returned. A’pertivo has another definition here in Venice! It’s not the all-you-can-eat system! It’s a casual alcohol + light food.

We ended up eating at Burger King for dinner (I think they come here as an apartment a lot lol) and I had the black halloween Whopper (Just cause). I guess today is eat everything black day! It tasted the same as the usual whopper but with BBQ sauce. This was another “I feel like a local” moment because all her apartments and I were sitting there talking for a good amount of time. I wish I could get to know Bocconi Students like this too ^^.

I remember having this feeling my first time studying abroad in Mexico sitting at Fernando, my host father’s bar, with his friends. (good times, good times) Spanish was such a foreign language and I remember just smiling and nodding. I refused alcohol at that stage in life so that made it even more difficult I guess ahaha.

She and her friends are full of jokes and made me laugh for sure. Good times in Venice ❤

I took my 9 euro bus home the next morning at 7:30am. I asked a few people on the way for directions and finally made it to the bus stop before dawn.

Trip = success.

 (The model in the background is a poster. lol )


2 thoughts on “Venezia // Sara, paintings, and pasta

  1. Bipasha says:

    Oh my, I remember my experience with squid ink risotto, so strange that the color stayed on your teeth until you washed down each spoonsful with a water or wine! Unfortunately, I have zero memory of the taste!

    On another note, isn’t it wonderful to make friends during travels, and also keep up those friendships? You & Sara are lucky to meet again!

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