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Midterm Hiatus // Best friend in Europe

October 22, 2015

Gutentag WordPress,

I’ve finally finished dragging my way out of midterms! Testing season never fails to throw me off schedule and make time go by slower.
Bocconi midterm season entails no class for two weeks and optional midterms. Yay to no classes! No to testing. I decided to take all of mine since the scores can only benefit me! (or so they say.) I’ve noticed at some point during my studies, I start feeling like there’s no more point in studying. I suppose it’s me giving up.. (DON’T GIVE UP ME D:lol )

My best friend from back home (San Francisco) came to travel with me during midterm season and I felt horrible for not being able to take her around Milan as much as I would’ve liked to! I picked her up at MXP (Malpensa Airport) on the night I finished my second midterm and she was just shocked that she made it here in one piece. (priceless face)

Her first 10+ hour flight experience was cute (She didn’t know there were free meals & that they served mini bottles of wine AHAHA)

  • 10pm arrival
    12am arrive @ her airbnb apartment
    2am leave for MXP again for Munich weekend trip
    7am flight Easyjet Flight to Munich!

We all-nighter’ed it! Bus, metro, train, plane, train. #travellyfe. Travelling is my least favorite part of travelling.

Our first one hour Easyjet experience was safe, easy, and the flight attendants were very nice.
Our hostel, 4you Hostel, was right next to the main train station,Hauptbahnhof, which made it extremely easy to get from place to place.

After my mind had been temporarily freed from midterm studies, I was prepared to see everything.

Here are the highlights:

  1. Dachau Concentration Camp
  2. BMW Welt
  3. Olympic Park
  4. Hofgarten / walk around Central Munich
  5. Recommended ice cream shop + restaurant by local Munich friend
  6. going up St. Paul Church on a construction worker’s lift
  7. Neuschwanstein Castle (Swan Castle)

The food (AH I miss the food already):

  1. Currywurst
  2. Pork Knuckle
  3. Beer (obviously)
  4. Beer Ice cream (what!? aha) / Pancake+Applesauce Ice cream
  5. Schnitzel (sort of like tonkatsu)
  6. Caramelized Almonds
  7. Bratwurst
  8. Herring sandwich (skin and all)

All in all, Munich exceeded my expectations. I experienced true autumn, saw breathtaking scenery, ate scrumptious meals, and got to spend it full of laughter with some of my closest friends. What more can I ask for? (No more midterms/finals… jk aha)

I’ll get into more detail in a future post, but let me just tell you that Christina’s stay was a roller coaster of experiences.  Pretty crazy things (both good and bad) happened during her stay in Europe.

Thank you for coming to visit me Craytina ❤ We go way back, all the way to middle school. From embarrassing middle school crushes to track meets to singing at the top of our lungs on long car rides, we’ve been through a fair share of experiences. Here we are! We haven’t “grown apart” like most friends do. I know we won’t either. No matter how much we may annoy each other, we’ll always be best friends. So corny, but it’s true! AHAHA. okay that’s it. I’ll write the rest on her birthday card.

I just finished Corporate FInance homework in Matt and Bryan’s room with Amanda after an all nighter from seeing Tina off. AHHHHHHHHHHHH okay. Goodnight.


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