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Munich // St. Paul Church, Hofgarten, Pork Knuckle

October 23, 2015

Hello wordpress,

So, if you know me, you know that I often lead people in the wrong direction. It happened again, but don’t worry, this time it was the good kind of lost (which rarely happens).

I walked towards the tallest closest church and it ended up being 180 degrees away from the center (where we were trying to go). We escaped the drizzles and droplets of rain that were making our clothes damp as we skeptically entered the empty church under construction.

This church, St. Paul’s Church, was not one of the “Top Destinations” on the guidebooks, but I’m sure glad we found it.
Here’s why:

Once out of the church, all three of us tried to navigate ourselves back on the right track, but we didn’t even know where we were. As I stretched my toes to figure out what street we were on, some construction worker peeked out the tall fence. (creepy)

He smiled and spoke German. I ran up to him pointing at the map like some annoying tourist (yes, I am one of them), and pointed at the ground and then the map. (I was trying to say, “where are we” ahaha) He pointed up and waved his arm to follow him.

Wait what?

At first I really didn’t understand what he wanted us to do. I don’t even know why we followed him, but I’M SO GLAD WE DID. 

He took us up the tower to the top and showed us the aerial view of Munich. Oktoberfest grounds, Olympic Park, the other church, EVERYTHINGGGGGG. It was just so surreal, breathtaking, and unbelievable!!! This man, just took some random tourists up to see Munich. He didn’t ask for any money, and we waved hi to his coworker on the other side. He didn’t speak any English and all we got was that he’s been to Toronto, but WHAT THE HECK. ahaha I’ll never forget this experience and his kindness.

This experience is by far my favorite of Munich.

In general, from my experience, I can say that people in Munich are 1000 times nicer than people in Milan. Compared to the “Ni haos” and glares I get in Milan, I felt much more respected in Munich. (Well occasional glares, but I guess that’s inevitable).

We continued walking around the center and hit up the famous Viktualienmarkt, a market full of fresh produce and miscellaneous goods. This was the first time we all tried HONEY WINE, a warm and sweet wine that was perfect for the gloomy weather. It was a small 25mL glass for 1.7 euros.

St. Peters Church was cool (not as cool as St. Pauls lol), and the New Town Hall was massive! We turned a corner and it was overwhelming! The red flowers had a nice accent and it had such a European feel that you won’t be able to feel in San Francisco.

One thing I wish we did was to go inside the Residenz because I didn’t know how beautiful it was inside. (We saved 8 euros I guess) I just know it was the main house of the king that lived in Neuschwanstein Castle (which we went to the next day).

There were two places that my friend from Munich recommended:

  1. Der Verrookte Eismacher (Beer Ice Cream)
  2. Augustine Keller (Traditional German Restaurant)

Der Verrookte Eismacher is an interesting and engaging little ice cream store near the University. The worker was extremely goofy and put on a horse mask at the end to take a photo with me ahaha. Beer Ice Cream was literally beer and ice cream. So interesting. I ended up choosing Pancakes with Applesauce and there were actual pancake bits + apple sauce!! They also included one scoop of a sample flavor and I tasted yummy champagne ;D Christina was about to order 3 scoops of Beer Ice Cream, but the goofy guy saved her and she got Pistachio, Beer, and a third flavor I forget. (She dropped it at the end though LOL).
I found out that Augustine Keller is a very popular restaurant because it was PACKED. I had beer and pork knuckle that Rebecca (Our friend back in Milan) recommended. We observed a beer barrel opening for a big group of guests and it was a lively experience! (Christina was sleeping through it all LOL).



2 thoughts on “Munich // St. Paul Church, Hofgarten, Pork Knuckle

  1. I have lived in Germany for awhile and have never tried the honey wine. Sounds like you have had a great time in Munich. If you are still around and look for some hotspots in town, feel free to ask me.

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