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Munich // Neuschwanstein Castle


October 24, 2015

Hello WordPress,

Munich provided us with another magical experience at Neuschwanstein Castle AKA New Swanstone Castle.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Germany, built this beauty in the late 19th century as his vaca-home to escape chaotic Munich.
Ugh. I wish I had a villa like this. I would never leave. It was SO BEAUTIFUL. Its beauty justifies why Sleeping Beauty’s castle was inspired by this castle.

It’s surreal when you first see it on the hills surrounded by the autumn leaves because it’s so high up compared to the location the bus drops you off.

Munich has given us countless breath-taking moments and there’s definitely more to it than just Oktoberfest.

 One piece of IMPORTANT advice when visiting Neuschwanstein Castle:
Book your tickets online in advance! We rode the 9:30am train and arrived at 12pm to realize that we had to line up in a long line only to obtain a slot to enter the castle at 4pm. We bought entrance tickets for a 1:55pm entry inside the less-well-known, but more beautiful / bigger castle next to it called Hohenschwangau Castle.

This was the best option for us non-early-bookers because we get to see a better interior for an earlier time + get to see the famous Neuschwanstein Castle for free from outside.

The one word to describe this place was “magical”. Each room inside Hohenschwangau Castle was themed for the king. His bed was so tiny, each room was intricate and colorful, and the view from each window put hearts inside my eyes. I wish we could’ve taken pictures (Some people sneaked some -____-)

The blue skies perfected our experience. Escaping Munich’s gloomy weather was a BIG plus as we got to shoot some beautiful photos by the lake.

Here are photos:



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