Excursions, Italy

Bologna // the land of the Bolognese Tagliatelle

October 30, 2015

Buongiorno WordPress,

Back on day trips within Italy ❤ With all the chaos during Christina’s stay and endless and restless testing, it was about time I had a relaxing day trip.

Rebecca, Rayting, and I took the 9:20am (later than all the other trips) to Bologna! The three hour train ride felt longer than usual so I enjoyed reading Flowers for Algernon (Christina finished this book in 2 days while I’m taking forever lol)

Bologna is known for its Bolognese sauce + its FOOOD. That’s exactly what we gorged on. FOOOOOOOOOOOOD ❤

 It’s a pretty tiny town and perfect for a day-trip. Here are the highlights:

  1. Bolognese Pasta from Cinque 50
  2. Gelato from Gelateria Gianni
  3. The Prendiparte tower w/ a GREAT view
  4. The oldest university in Europe (University of Bologna)
  5. Fresh Gnocchi from this take-away spot

We arrived at 12pm and felt like we had enough of Bologna at around 5pm. (No museums)

This town reminded me why I like Italy’s architecture. It has what Milan doesn’t have: The charms of small alleyways and red roofs everywhere.

In addition, the company made it all the better. We laughed and talked about all the memories we’ve made and want to make. It’s interesting to think that I’ve only met them on this trip because it takes so little effort to talk to both of them. They’re very down to earth and nice friends ❤

However, Bologna reminded us that we were in Italy with that racist feel again. (lulz) Some Indians walked by us while we were sitting on a bench and they literally shouted “HI CHINESE NIHAO, HI CHINESE. NIHAO CHINESE.” like we were some zoo animals. They even bent down to make eye contact with us. Ugh, so ignorant.

Food wise, we were stuffed and satisfied with all our meals. My favorite was the gnocchi at the end of the day. The texture was chewy, fresh, and the basil left a nice finish at the end. I would definitely return if I had the chance.

We took the earlier train back and called it a day. ❤



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