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Milan // Airbnb burglar, Milan Expo 2015

October 26-27, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Milano Expo 2015
Christina ventured off to explore Milan on her own while I crammed for my last midterm after we came back from Munich. Sorry Tina! After marking my last answer, I ran (really, ran) to the Expo to catch up with her!

I gave her my extra ticket I received from Bocconi so she could get a head start and see what the Milan Expo had to offer.

I’ve wanted to go to the Expo ever since stepping foot in Milan and can’t believe I procrastinated from going all this time. I arrived at 7:30pm and could only visit a few expositions due to long lines and a lack of directions, but it was like an amusement park! The venue was ginormous! I mean, they built a special metro station for it right?

The expo was full of innovation and attempted to teach us about food sustainability and  biodiversity from different perspective while serving world cuisine. Each country had its own pavilion and AHHH I wish we could’ve visited all of them.

The Japan pavilion was closed when I arrived (sadlyfe).

We visited Brazil (its net-walking activity was fun), Russia (the view from the top floor) and a bit of Germany. This sweet fresh bread from Slovenia and this Arancine ball that was sold right in front of Basmati (I think it’s Italian though), was divine ❤ ❤ ❤

The Tree of Life is what best represents the Expo. Acutally seeing it in real life compared to all the photos I’ve seen on instagram had a different better feel to it. The sound system and the massive monument made the water show like a UFO entrance or something. SO COOL. It was better than the water show we saw in Barcelona.

We left as the clock turned 11pm and metro-ed it back. This is where everything went wrong..

Airbnb Burglar
Mind you, it is 12:30am and we had planned to leave home at around 2am in order to make her 7am flight back to SFO.

I waved goodbye to her to meet her in 2 hours so she could pack and shower.

I turn my doorknob to find that the cleaning lady locked me out and the kind receptionist guy went up and down twice to help me open the door. But that was NOTHING compared to what happened to Tina. I messaged her my story and her reply:

I unlocked my door and the couch was against the door and i forced it open and it was ransacked

WHAT?! then she didn’t reply. I asked Amanda what I should do and she suggested we take our guy friend Tim and go see what’s up together. **Great friends 😉

1am, we walk over to find the landlord and see Christina traumatized. Her macbook air, gucci perfume, burberry glasses, her school bag, and her favorite trader joe’s shirt were stolen. The last few hours in Milan had ruined her experience in Italy. (She hates Italy, but loves Germany lol)  We kept her company while she finished her last few moments in a separate accommodation the landlord owned.


Why do people steal? Hopefully he gets all the karma he/she deserves. Airbnb should reimburse all her losses because it was not her fault at all. It’s not like she left her curtains open or her laptop on the desk. The room was literally ransacked! Her mattress and sheets were disheveled, there were dirt foot marks on the floor, and the backdoor was broken to the point where it could not be shut again.

What sucks is that the data is irreplaceable. All her documents, photos, video footage is all gone. The one good thing is that she didn’t encounter this barbarian. UGH.

We still had to leave at 2am so we waved goodbye to Amanda and Tim while we waited for the bus in the rain (Yes, of course it would rain)

I took her to MXP airport for the last time and waved goodbye. SIGH. SIGHHHHHHHH. At least she’s home safe and sound. She apparently had a whole row to herself in Turkish Airlines. :D.

Now she’s headed to LA + Oregon for some fun times! Thanks for visiting Craytina and you better get your money back. ;D


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