Excursions, Italy

Lake Como // Serene, Swans, Scenic

October 31, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Being the naive Seira I usually am, I’ve never went out of my way and prioritized a trip to Lake Como. It’s a lake, it’s pretty, but what more is there?

There is so much more.

Lake Como is a peaceful area reserved for the rich (only because the rich can afford such land), where many wealthy families buy/build their villas. It seemed like a retirement spot to me. George Clooney even owns an estate there!

Filippo and I were originally planning to take a trip down to the Expo for its final day, but after hearing the 10 hour queue to get inside the Japan Pavilion, he decided that Lake Como / Parma / some other location would be better. Okay, I suppose.

I was a bit bummed that the Expo had to be so crowded and shouldn’t have procrastinated my trip there, but Lake Como was pretty cool too. The nice weather pumped me up for the spontaneous day trip (I would recommend only going there when the weather is nice).

It reminded me of Sausalito (excuse my repetitive comparison to the Bay Area), but the real highlight of the day were the SWANS!


There were more than ten at the shore mingling with each other and you could tell that they were definitely used to being fed by humans. They fearlessly approached us. I never realized how massive swans were! We saw a dark colored one from afar and I called it the black swan only to realize it was a dirty white swan (LOL).

I ate gelato again like a little child (marron glace / fior di latte) and walked inside a beautiful basilica, around the lake, and the villa.

Apart from the main area (touristy), it was serene and scenic as the title suggests. We sat and talked about our respective relationships, jobs, and the JAPANESE FESTIVAL I MISSED D:.

I am glad to have made such genuine friendships with people from Hanawa, Fukushima (Japan work camp). He’s like an uncle to me!

Now I can check off Lake Como from my Italy Bucket-list.


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