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Milan // my favorite pizza place, rant

November 2, 2015

Dear WordPress,

UGH Trenitalia, you are horrible once again. From delays to stolen money to weird policies to everything in between, you are just an endless struggle for us foreigners.

On the day of our day trip to Bologna, my friend attempted to buy tickets only to be charged and not receive any shape or form of our tickets. On the day of, we ended up buying them at the machine since we didn’t have time.

She called Trenitalia, went to the Milano Centrale booth TWICE, called her credit card company, and now filed a complaint online.

I’ve heard of / experienced so many more Trenitalia mishaps. sigh.

Anyways, other than that, I finally (repeat, FINALLY) got my phone delivered to me (my mother sent this phone on September 29, 2015, and I received it on October 29, 2015). So I went to go get my Vodafone SIM card! Remembering the tips people informed me (they made these mistakes), I had no mishaps! Here are the few reminders:

  1. Bring your passport because they won’t serve you otherwise
  2. Get the student plan
  3. DON’T use your phone until you get a text message that welcomes you to the program or you’ll have to pay double.
  4. Bring an unlocked phone abroad.. (biggest tip)

I also had lunch with Amanda at my favorite pizza place near campus. This guy is apparently from Napoli so he knows what’s up! It’s soooo goooooood. So cheaaaaaap, SO gooooooooooood.


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