Copenhagen, Excursions

Copenhagen // Amanda’s friend, boat ride, Nyhavn

November 9, 2015

Hej wordpress,

Rebecca pronounces “hej” with the ‘j” sound instead of just saying “hi” ahahaha.

We bundled up and left our first airbnb to meet Amanda’s high school friend! She went to the same international high school in Shenzhen (China) with Amanda!

Anna (Danish) and Særún (Icelandic) hung out with us for the whole day! She walked us around her favorite local eats + tourist attractions and I felt like we had a slight taste of the student life in Copenhagen.

DID YOU KNOW: Copenhagen is more culturally diverse/liberal compared to other cities in Denmark? They have that “Green Lights District” where Marijuana is freely sold (no photos inside the area though).

Rundetårn AKA the Round Tower  was a spiral handicap slope to the top! They apparently used to take horses up it (Wow).
I hated the numb feelings of our fingers, but I loved the fresh air cold provided. I took so many deep breaths up there.
Food we tried:
1. Anna’s favorite Shawarma location (Shawarma is big in Copenhagen [more like Europe] and it’s cheap!)
2. Soft Ice (Similar to a soft serve but a little bit more on the ice cream side)
3. Black Liquorice (None of us were really fond of that [We’re too American])

(Sorry it’s blurry)
It’s impossible for me to pronounce anything Danish. Anna said it’s only three additional letters in the alphabet, but EVERY letter is pronounced differently. (sigh, struggles)

DID YOU KNOW: Elderberry is a big thing in Denmark. I saw it everywhere.

DID YOU KNOW: Everything in Copenhagen closes early. Like 5pm early.

Below is the Anderson Bakery breakfast (I had anpan <3)
  We rode the tourist boat ride to get a gist of Copenhagen (sorta fell asleep)  My elderflower juice! (:


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