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Copenhagen // Best Brunch, Rosenborg Castle, the Little Mermaid

November 10, 2015

Hello WordPress,

Amanda and Stef left to make it back in time for their Monday class. Rebecca, Tim, and I enjoyed the sunshine Copenhagen spared us for our last day.

The wind blew the clouds away (along with us).

Brunch @ Paludan Bogcafe

Our intent on ‘splurging’ for one meal didn’t happen.The supposed splurge budget we saved for brunch ended up being under 100 DKK (All our meals were under 100 DKK, impressive yah? Fully enjoyed + budgeted trip)

The egg, bacon, muesli, pancake, fruits, toast, smoked salmon, melon with prosciutto, blueberry smoothie, and cheese was screaming quality at us. This plate let us enjoy every breakfast dish we were craving back in Milan.

The freshness of each ingredient had Tim, Rebecca, and I raving. The ambience of antique books and cushioned seats perfected the moment.

My mood was boosted by 1000% after being able to talk to Taiga on facebook call for about five minutes (what am I being turned into, a needy girlfriend? lol).


My first airbnb! After Christina’s mishap in Milan (macbook air stolen), I felt cautious and a bit skeptical about it all.

We were lucky enough to stay in our first airbnb for 14 euros/night (first two nights) and 20 euros/night (last night), but more suspicious right? We were alright (no mishaps!)

With Tim’s EU international data, we were never lost!

Both of them were not in the center of town, but close enough proximity to not mind. The first one was adorable with the family’s photos everywhere and a flood of toys. I would definitely love to live with interior decor like this home.

The second airbnb was disappointing, but sufficient for one night. It was a hostel style airbnb with an asian lady that dropped off our keys. It was basically a hostel with our own private room. (Hostel price too!)

TIP: Airbnb is good for large numbers of people.

We joined Rayting to check off the rest of the locations we had missed. Rosenborg Castle, the Botanical Garden, the Little Mermaid, the Glass Food Market, and more castles/palaces/churches. We couldn’t make it to any of the other attractions because everything in Denmark just closes TOO DANG EARLY.

So we basically enjoyed smelling roses and eating duck.

Yes, I smelled roses at Rosenborg Castle and yes I spilt a duck confit sandwich with Rayting at the Glass Market.

 Since I had low expectations for the Little Mermaid statue (It’s known to be the second most disappointing historical attraction in the world), it exceeded my expectations!

DID YOU KNOW: The Little Mermaid’s head was stolen twice and the Little Mermaid itself had been transferred to China for an exhibit)

Tim, Rebecca, and I had some serious talks while strolling through Copenhagen at night which was pretty nice.

(@ our second airbnb) vvvv

 YUP. we never got to rent any bikes. :/

All in all, Copenhagen was not my favorite (because of rainy + darkness + coldness), but I would still recommend it to you travellers ❤


2 thoughts on “Copenhagen // Best Brunch, Rosenborg Castle, the Little Mermaid

    • You’ll love it there! Just hope for no rain! & definitely go biking! We wish we did. The location is called Paludan BogCafe. I linked the yelp website if you’re interested. Have fun!

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