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Copenhagen // Rainy, Dark, and nice people.

November 8, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Everybody, it’s November. What, when, how did this happen?

November is full of excitement:
1. TAIGA (Florence, Venice round two, Paris, Zedd concert)
2. Copenhagen
3. Morocco

Can’t wait / don’t want this to end.

This month is the “sprint” to the end (quoted by Rebecca).

Must. cherish. every. single. moment…!

One of the events on my “excitement” list passed last weekend (already).

Copenhagen (Denmark) , known as the happiest + extremely expensive country, gets all benefits!
Free healthcare, education, happiness…(lol)

I noticed Danish people to be 200% friendlier than the Italians (FOR SURE).

Not only because they speak English, but mostly because they actually SMILE back at you when you smile at them. (I forgot how good that feels) Smiles make the world go round y’all. 😀 😀 😀

The sunrise on the plane (6:30am flight / left residence at 1:30am) was breathtaking. Early travellers to Copenhagen bombarded everybody with snapchat stories of the red dot rising above the clouds and into the pink sky. I began my morning with Tim & Rebecca at the Lagkagehuset Bakery with a 44 DKK (8 euros…WHAT) pastry + cappuccino. It predicted our struggle to live cheaply in Copenhagen (we sorta succeeded). The pastry tasted like the egg custard portuguese tart in Hong Kong (YUM). The cappuccino had cacao powder sprinkled on top and was milkier than Italian coffee (YUM YUM).

vvvv Australian, Canadian, American, and English people align! [all ethnically Asian though LULZ]  caught a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise, but missed the photo op.
 Things that ruined the trip:
1. Forgetting my chapstick (I let nobody forget that I forgot it AKA complained 24/7 lol)
2. Stormy / Gloomy first two days
3. Expensive-ness
4. FREEZING weather

Things that made the trip:
1. travel-mates
2. kind Danish people
3. stunning landscape
4. Amanda’s friend, Anna &  Særún (Sairoon)
5. Danish sweets (they had an Anderson Bakery!)

FUN FACT: Hans Christian Anderson, fairytale author, grew up here! (He wrote Little Mermaid, Frozen (inspired by one of his stories), and the Ugly Duckling) **DID YOU KNOW THAT ARIEL TURNED INTO SEA FOAM AT THE END!? D:

My travel group always makes a similar itinerary + goes at a similar pace and they can make me laugh for days. I used to be the type of girl who cared about quantity rather than quality of friends (a long time ago), but I’m changing (for the better). I can see myself being life-long friends with these folks.

If we weren’t cursed with wet cobble stoned streets, we could’ve rented bikes to venture the city. Biking is a major source of transportation in Denmark (They even have roads dedicated for bikers). Instead, we walked everywhere. I have to admit, walking is always fun because we get to check how many steps we conquered from the Health App on our iphones. (My record mileage is in Barcelona // I still remember my DEAD feet that weekend).

A few castles, towers, and significant buildings later, the sun went down at around 4pm.

 It’s crazy how the north gets dark so quickly. Even though it’s the happiest country, there is a record high amount of folks suffering from depression.

We finished off with some deliciously affordable pad thai near Nyhavn (Copenhagen’s most iconic street) and arrived at our cozy airbnb ❤

  vvv we got a peek of J-day (beer opening day in Copenhagen) and I got free beer from “Santa”.


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